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  • Yeah, they gonna happen. I have a battery issue with my laptop atm, but as soon as I get it squared away I'll upload some more. And don't play with my crew, just me. I wanna **** em. lol
    yeah man everyone posts there now and theres a smashfest this friday all the way to saturday night
    I was thining about it, Im actually getting ready to move either to orlando or Ft Lauderdale within the next 3 months. Look outtttt
    i know me & my crew been playin a lot, but dunno how much we have improved
    true, i'll get somethin worked out
    i'm layin off the weed but my boys are down
    andres says he'll smoke shiz out if you can convince him to come lol
    yeah it's hard to play pso1 after that, i feel ya on that LOL

    I'm loving rangers too. they getting in hard! lol
    yoooo hope the fau thing went alright, sorry I couldn't make it. I'm heading to your tourney with at least 6 fau kids. so should be good!

    think I'm gunna do teams too with ryan (puff/falcon)
    Hey Nica, do you think you and the rest of SFL will be able to make it to RAGE on February 5th?
    well, i am dasy havent been playing much this year, but i think we're going to play today... the scene is super over here "_"
    She'll be there dont worry about it, an yeah i still play peach, Im like the 2 best in the bahamas now :p)
    I donated the rest of the money on my paypal account. like 7.50 lol

    Lee said it should be all set in a few hours. :)
    Thanks man :) I was uncomfortable with sheik, but 2 days of warm up at rom3 got my tech skill to ridiculous levels. To the point where, even though i wasn't good at the matchup, when I hit him he died.

    You better be stepping it up :)
    Yeah man; I'm really salty about my bracket though. The only player in the whole venue I KNEW I was going to lose to was lucky (he's the only player there who was able to straight up trash me). Then I got my worst matchup: ganondorf. Rockcrock and I went last game last stock last hit, DBZ style, and I died first.

    But me vs tope was tight. I think I had 5 death combos in a 3 game set, and he musta had like 3-4 straight up 0-death tech chases. I'm getting wayyyyy better now, and if I'd beaten rockcrock I think I would have placed around 7th (beating gregulate and HMW, and potentially darc/macD).

    I almost 3 stocked tope third game :)
    Well, gib gi merge plz. Lemme hold on to it for a bit

    I've been FOing it up recently and I want to **** more with my GI spells lol
    I've tried LoL for a bit and it's pretty good; I'm not gonna lie. I've been good man. I'm just trying to take care of life stuff. You know how it is. lol
    yea it ended up 2-1
    then i fought him in bracket and he 2-0'd me
    Thanks for the compliments, your Sheik just grabbed me in ways I never thought possible. (giggity)

    Maybe you can come to FAP2, it's a tournament in North AL that I'll be running on December 11-12. Trying to hype it up so more people will come (35 people entered for the first one)
    Yeah, I wished you and Doll made it out. I really wanted to see you guys ****. But it's just one tourney and I didn't do so great either. Thanks! Your sheik has so many mind games! so ****ing good! PSO references lol too good. I guess I play peach like a HUcaseal lol
    Haha thanks, I was really impressed. I consider Sheik to be one of my best match ups, and you made me really put in work!
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