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  • My tag? That's funny, my tag is no tag. :p But i know what chya mean. Um. Prac did play TGMTSBCO2 last december but had to cancel it cause of money johns. Fullmetal has Tipped Off 5 squared off in September, and it's on labor day weekend. So that's the next best thing. Unless hell freezes over and I wind up over there for Genesis (that'd pretty much require me having a job or getting a ****ton of money for my b-day).

    But yeah, if you ever need doc advice or anything, holla
    wtf. Im thinkin bout to go to bed, since it's 3 am over here. No i dont have school, graduated in december. Doc main? Why are you doing this to yourself? :p Melee's goin aight, nothin major really. And Herb was this past weekend, I didnt go.
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