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  • Yeah well thanks, but I really dont think I could get top 5 ANYWHERE in FL (except tampa). I'm good at matchups that make sense because of brawl (like playing against Scratch's marth and Darkrains falcon make sense to me) but chars like Dr. Mario, Falco, Fox and Peach really throw me off.

    If I ever go down to SFL/ZP I'll def try and learn as much as I can though lol.
    Na I'll be at school in Tampa but its a parent issue XD

    African parents mean African parent johns. It used to be bad to the point where I couldn't go out of tampa period but now I can go to Orlando at least. SFL is a stretch and I'd still need to find someone in Tampa interested in going...which is like nobody lol. In the fall Im gonna raise an army of brawl scrubs at USF so getting a ride there might be easier.

    But yeah thanks, I study the game the same way I study brawl. I just don't really have anyone to play against which is frustrated cuz Melee is actually a lot of fun but everyone near me only plays brawl. I really want to get good at it and CEO was the first time I felt like I was headed in the right direction lol.
    Hahaha my white boy game is pretty tight I guess.

    I've never been to ZP btw but Im gonna try and go sometime in the fall (Cuz I'll be in dorms and can get away with that kind of stuff). I dunno if I can go during the summer though....
    Unfortunately, my job starts at 7am so I can't be out too late on most nights.
    Seriously man. My jigz is getting beast. Kye knows what I'm talkin about. Might hit zp up either tomorrow or the tourney next week
    Hey was just down for my little bro's graduation, already back up in tally, we need to finish off our money matches =)
    yea my phone is hardly ever on me cuz i forget to take it with me(smoking bad i kno) then when i see missed calls its too late to call back

    yea we can smash this weekend, finals end thurs. = a lot of free time
    i don't have a cell phone too poor but i should be at your tournament tomorrow provided nothing else comes up.
    Yo you should hit up FAU sometime during the week this semester, usually got cube up all day
    i was trying to break your shield until you kept upsmashing my face. and i figured roy was your bro you look alike.

    yea we should definitely play occasionally since you live close but only if you host. my place is filled with orphans and ominous black people.
    well as fun as smash is, i feel like it's not going to take me anywhere in the long run. I've learned a lot from it and I'd do it again if I was sent back in time, but as of right now I don't think there's a lot more I can learn from it. Time to focus on my career and stuff like that.

    but good stuff improving so much! I still play for fun, kind of a lot actually lol (a lot of secondaries at least), depending on how much free time i have but yeah, you were better than i thought even the first time i played you haha, some people in socal are harsh judges of skill but yeah you were never like a straight noob lol.

    my falco game has gotten better, but i still havent' ironed out all the kinks. when my Pat's House matches get uploaded you can see me vs Blunted Object, I do really well there (thanks to Zhu training haha). BO beat my *** pretty bad at Genesis so it felt really good to see my improvement and beat him at Pat's. But yeah, thanks a lot, I appreciate it
    haha we'll still play if you're ever in town but yeah im pretty much done with smash competitively. sorry man! i saw some of your vids though and you got TONS better. especially that crew battle lool you took like 12 stocks or something
    yeah, my fingers are really slow so i haven't been able to pick up any fast char and i don wanna play sheik/puff :(
    i got spacied out of my pools. all spacy pool :( 1 game away from making it out of pools but. . . they're just too powerful im hoping i get better tho cause i played like 200 spacy friendlies after that
    Dude, I always like seeing your avatar from Yoyo Hakashu!!! and Your signiture is awesome!!!

    The Game and Watch from Cali SONNN!!!
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