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The Prophet_
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  • Hey dude,

    You suck for leaving CSUN!!! haha jk Andy says you're **** these days, plus it's been forever since we last hung out. When're you coming back into the valley man? Epic smashfests are much past due.
    Haha yeah, I can't wait to brawl again with Brawl+. Hopefully we can do something about the lag... It has the potential to be really smooth because we're so close. I should get a wired connection for sure.
    Well then if we play, you can't use any of the modded characters because then we would desync, I think. I'll get on in like 10 minutes.

    I copy-pasted this from the Lag Alleviation Thread. Try this out, if you can.

    2. Open UDP ports going out or DMZ your Wii's IP address.

    Most routers have a DMZ option, aka "demilitarized zone", meaning that whichever IP address has the DMZ on it will have full incoming and outgoing access to all ports.

    1. Log into your router (usually If you don't know your router's IP, use the "Run..." command in Windows and put in "ipconfig" and hit enter. One of the values it returns should be "Gateway" and you'll have an IP address for the Gateway: that's your "gateway" to the internet, aka your router's IP address. Put it into a browser window as the URL and hit enter.

    2. Find the router's DHCP connection list. On this list, you will find your Wii (if it's on and WC24 is running, that is).

    3. Copy your Wii's IP address and go to the router's DMZ section (DMZ = demilitarized zone, meaning all ports open).

    4. Put the Wii's IP address into the DMZ, save the settings and reboot the router.

    5. Try Brawl and see how it works.

    NOTE: Your Wii's IP address can and will change if it's connecting through DHCP. This will behave as a temporary test to see if your Wii sees improvement or not.

    You're basically opening your firewall to your Wii, which SHOULD mean that Gamespy's servers no longer need to proxy the stream so the two Wiis can remain connected, which is how it currently must behave if one or both Wiis is behind a firewall which normally blocks incoming connections from programs like Brawl.

    Brawl you soon!
    You still online? We could hit up some Brawl right now if you want. I think there's a thread on here that says how to get the best connection and stuff. I think we have to have identical settings.
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