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    Don't Get Rekt! 2 Tournament Results

    Really nice to see tope out of no where lol. Good games all was pretty fun
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    Super Smash Brothers Tournament 3 Results - Loganville, GA

    1: Baka4moe ($135.00):peachmelee:-Nice job on 1st dude been awhile since you won. Good job in teams lets wreck ceo. I think im getting the hang of how you like to play! 2: SS | Soft ($70.00):jigglypuffmelee:- Nice on 2nd man the traveling is paying off! Also this marks the first time I lost to...
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    Tech-nique[4] Results! (Atlanta, GA)

    I played fox and marth too but **** yall. Technically I played falco as well but ya everyone knows I dont really play him like that <.<. Gg's all haters gonna hate
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    Super Smash Brothers Tournament 1

    Happened last week posting on behalf of blueJim and for Georgia documentation 1st: Nicaboy 2nd: Flaminroy 3rd: Soft 4th place: Chaddd 5th place: Baka4moe Ron-a-roni 7th place: DAB Mike G 9th place: OP Ari Mr. Bonkey Flow 13th place: BlueJim Een Tubes TBag 17th...
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    Body Bag Results

    Wow eli beat chops and emillo lost to uberice? Well thats interesting.
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    Tech-nique: Results (Atlanta, GA)

    Adam I also used fox and marth so those should be by my name. GG's all
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    [Mar 22, 2014] Cute Cats 6: Dastardly Dogs (Melee) (Atlanta, Georgia)

    I will be here looking forward to this!
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    Shuffle V Results - Columbus, OH

    Shoutouts 1. CT EMP Mew2king :foxmelee::peachmelee::sheikmelee:-nj on 1st dude I wish we got to play some friendlies in melee but I know its hard playing in like 6 events lol. Your sheik is very inspiring. 2. CT Hungrybox :jigglypuffmelee:- fun car ride man and nj in singles and doubles. Nice...
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    Shuffle V Results - Columbus, OH

    Dont get me wrong I dont think its a bad game or anything I just think there is so much sillyness in it. Like the ledge c stick etc etc. Oh and ivasuar is beyond ********. I hope the game continues to grow though :D
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    Shuffle V Results - Columbus, OH

    I had a good time I will do shoutouts later missed school 2 days after this tournament due too how tired I was lol. Hold on for me guys >.<. I also main marth in pm but it doesnt really matter since I decided I don't care about that game that much anyway :/. Caroll has funny as posts :D
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    February 8th, 2014 - Y-Town Throwdown I - Melee/PM - Feat. Mango, S0ft, Abate - Youngstown, OH

    I am coming to this out of the blue should be fun. I will mm 4% and jesiah if you guys down or anyone really My sheik your w.e $5 bo3?
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    Tech-nique! 1/25/14 Atlanta ,GA

    Alot ga has accounts we just use facebook more for smash related things haha.
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    Tech-nique! 1/25/14 Atlanta ,GA

    Good games all round I hope everyone who came to this bi weekly rapes everyones at cute cats ^.^ Pengie looking like a monster!
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