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  • ya man im glad i went actualy. alot of potiential there. It was really fun going there lol. hakeem is pretty good i hope he comes :). I played that girl too. shes pretty solid she could get really good if she wanted. i wanted to see you and rj though. :( Hopefully cmoney comes too. Im gonna have to sit with him and work him lol. He better expect sheik training after that tourney is over
    Hey. I'm gonna be on FAU's campus from 9-12 tomorrow. I just wanted to check if any of you guys will be down to play. You can text me at (954) 937-8891 or continue posting visitor messages.
    Hey man. I remember you. I'm on campus super early. I have classes on M, T, Th that begin at 8 A.M. and end around 9-10 A.M. If you guys are on campus around that time, I can play for an hour or so sometimes.
    I doubt I can smash on wednesday. I got school the next day... How about we all meet up on Friday? I think Jason is going on Friday. We can get other people to come. I really need to get some tourney experience so maybe we can do a dollar tournament for fun if we get enough people. I like playing in tournaments. It's a lot of fun waiting to see who you will fight next and all that.
    Thanks bro i tried really hard. I wanted the win so bad but **** happens. Im actualy surprised i even did that good tbh. Anyway you wanted to play this week right? Im free from wednesday on ward. You got my number?
    lol nm man just tryin to do stuff with my life. you rep peach pretty hard man I could tell it was you <.<
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