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  • Ooooh snap! I'm gonna main Peach! Learning to perform shield locks ;D
    It's gonna be awsome =]

    Also gonna pick up IceClimbers and wobble any of my opponents that refuse to play as Fox/Falco, Falcon, or Marth D<

    Nobody plays a spacie in Columbus besides Gerbil =(
    You're planning to learn some Brawl with Reflex tomorrow? If so we need to play some games of that as well!
    It's ridiculously late (I don't read the social groups often, is the reason), but if you still care to, you're more than welcome to get some Brawl practice from Calvin and myself. I know I'm always looking for someone who is willing to learn, so that would be good. I might be able to stop by Auburn every now and again to help, and I could probably bring a couple others, as well.

    It'd be nice to see you gain interest. If not, I guess it's not for you, and that's fine. I enjoy all three Smash games; I just wish that everyone would get along.
    I'm more than likely stopping by Friday this week, be there if you can.
    Jiggernaut! Are you still in Columbus? I plan on showing up sometime randomly next week
    Hello. I'll try lol. Have you played Tatsunoko vs. Capcom? I have it so I may bring it to the next game night.
    I'm thinking about it. I might just for the heck of it. The irony would be for me to enter and then have you **** me out of it. lol ;p
    yo you going to impact clash im entering the tourny there as well as of course smash and some other **** xD
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