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  • I'm still waiting on Pwii to get back to me about the buddy pass thing. Just a heads up.
    I've been playing Falco at sessions here and there

    I play exactly like you LMAO it's awful. I just use less jab (should probably do more of that) and have less frame traps + reads
    I would be, but I'm trying to figure out why I can't connect to Wifi at the moment =[
    Ah! I've actually seen some videos of yours, a talented player you are. As far as where I live, because of school (I go to Georgia Southern), I live in Statesboro, GA. Otherwise, I'm back home near Atlanta in the Smyrna/Mableton area.
    i'm making an application thread soon for BBR MU panelists. i'd like you to be on, so please put effort towards a good application
    You should replace the ice cream cone in your avatar with a KFC bucket of fried chicken
    You know, because you're black.
    We are staying at the echno lodge hotel about a mile from the venue on friday if you want to somehow come and practice there, or we could just try to get in some friendlies before the tournament starts.
    Reflex stayed at my house for a few days when he came here for a tournament, you can ask him if he thinks I would be a good teammate for you. Just lemme know what's up.
    I would use 100% G&W since mk isn't legal. I play IC's/GW/Falco/MK and have been using GW in doubles for as long as I've played brawl heh.
    Tournament's on Sunday, so Friday would be hella early.

    I think the plan is for John to pick you up on Saturday and I'll meet you guys for the night in Auburn. We'll head down on Saturday and stay the night there. Head back up early Monday morning.
    Not any time soon..

    but in about 2 months.

    Im coming down there for a business conference that will last from the 12th of Sept. to the 16th, and then i will be staying in Marietta with my sister for about a week.


    I met most of them, the last time I was there. so they will definitely want to know that Im coming back.
    Not sure. I have to get John to finalize it, but we've got time. Don't think we're coming back until Monday morning though.
    I think John is going to stay the preceding night in Auburn and pick you up from there then meet me in Greenville. Once he gets to Auburn, I think we're going to straight split the rest of the trip until he gets back in Auburn after dropping you off. I THINK this comes out to about $30.
    Don't quote me on that number, but that's around what it would be. Spade backed out thought. We're still going, but that's gonna increase the price for that leg.
    Depends. I know for certain that a social group is horrible idea since snake/falco backrooms I have been in both died after like a couple months.

    I think it might be a good idea to possibly review the older threads. See what is still good. The SHDL guide could have a few things added such as percentage decay. We can brainstorm some new ideas, and if something is good enough we could make a new thread on it.

    It seems a bit too general at the moment. The big question I have: What falco stuff needs updating? Certain things never need to get updated like a usmash/frame data thread. That stays the same no matter what (unless mistakes were made).
    Greyhound goes that way and it's a little more than an hour and a half trip for $58 round trip.

    The alternative is for me to go from Greenville (where I am) to Columbus to pick you up, back to Greenville to meet the Huntsville crew, back to Columbus to drop you off, back to Greenville to end my trip. That's about $60 that I'd be willing to split. I expect gas split for the trip from Greenville to LA to be about $10.
    Megabus goes to Columbus, Ohio; but not to Columbus, GA.

    Appears I was wrong. Nearest Megabus stop for you is in Atlanta which is another couple hours in the wrong direction.
    If you're free for that weekend and willing to gas split this one way or another, I'll see what we can do. I don't mind driving long enough to get you (driving really doesn't bother me and I'm leaving from Montgomery and not Mobile), but I'll have to either ask for that Monday off so I can get you back (which is very much possible) or find another way to get you from Columbus to Montgomery.

    Megabus might be a good alternative.
    Hey, if I recall correctly, you weren't going with Hunter to SKTAR, right? That same weekend, Cam, Spade, and I are going to Louisianna for a tournament that's gonna be on Sunday. It's looking fairly large, but there's only one place that's housing and it's only got a couple spots left. Right now the six people staying there are myself, Cam, Spade, MikeHaze, Razer, and Sync. Wanted to know if you're interested. Cam and Spade are driving down to link up with me and if you want to go, we'll see what we can do about making it happen.

    Here's the thread: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=322514

    Ask me if you need any more details.
    true dat lolz, didn't have much time to think about it. Let's see if I can review a set today.
    Thanks again. Sounds like I need to keep it back to the basics. For peach wouldn't you agree higher lasers are better? It would keep her grounded if she decides to keep her float lowish, but will hit her even if grounded. But, low lasers are real pain for me without the shdl. Less jumping back and forth between melee/brawl should help with that.
    They should be in there. If not YouTube the kwywords: xeylode moozle falco. It's only two vids of my falco. mostly looking for any advice at all since I am not sure what to improve on. Having no power sucks. It got knocked out in a storm.
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