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  • Hey man! Just thought you would be one of the better people to ask, so how active is the Smash Wii U Scene in Toronto? And where can I go for weeklies?
    Why is it so many ZSS mains have pocket chus, infi~?
    Dunno which ZSS mains you're talking about; none of the notable/high-top level ZSS mains have pocket chus, as far as I know. Maybe there are a lot of not-as-good ZSS players with pocket chus because lower level ZSS players get destroyed by Falco and Snake, but I don't know of any such ZSS players
    can you tell me your teammate at apex was?
    i have your set against X and KillLock recorded but can't remember who your partner is
    My teammate was [GDLK] Tin Man
    Death Arcana
    Death Arcana
    thanks man ill try and have them up by morning
    upload speed bodybags me over here
    Yep, I am going to MM Salem at SKTAR. I'll probably lose to him with MK because I don't actually play the character, but I'll at least edgeguard him. I'll win with Pikachu though.
    I wish Ramsaur would stop posting in Pikachu threads @_@
    "I with Ramsaur"?

    RamsaurI? :awesome:

    Also my Pikachu isn't complete garbage anymore. I got the runback against that Snake that 3-stocked me on Frigate, and I 3-stocked HIM there. I think it was <2 minutes XD.

    And, more importantly, I took Ally's Snake to last stock with Pikachu on FD (cause I was down 0-5 with ZSS lawl)
    [FBC] ESAM
    [FBC] ESAM
    That's impressive considering that's the worst stage for the MU.
    TxB | Ramsaur
    TxB | Ramsaur
    Sorry ESAM if I did something wrong.
    I just realized you're that "V115" player people were talking about little before APEX.
    Nice job on almost beating that set off Will.
    LMFAO awesome dude

    if you need help with this

    then I'll be here to tell you what to google
    Nice work at SiD man, I saw WF, LF and GF and maybe like one other match. You did really well, I honestly wanted set 2 to go to game 5 so I could see more play. I was also really happy that someone knew what that theme was, I love Beyond Good and Evil and I knew I knew that theme. :D

    Anyway, really good show. It'll be funny to see the stream uploaded on to youtube, it was really fun to be a part of it (and half a world away, too!)
    i indeed am black lol. the fried chicken seems like it'd be a good substitute for ice cream XD
    Let's go to the beach, each
    Let's go get a wave
    They say?
    What they gonna say?

    We are unsure if double MK will be legal or not yet although Chibo and I both are leaning towards Double MK being banned. To be quite honest I can imagine the legality of Double MK solely being dependent on whether Otori/Kakera can come next year. There is still a good chance we will ban double MK even if they come, since I don't think it will be a deciding factor on their attendance.

    In other words, we don't know yet lol.
    Allrighty thanks! I main mk and I've been putting a lot of work lately in lately with my follow ups, juggles, and pressure. Usually about 6 hours a day the last week and a half. It seemed like a good ZSS main could give good advice in those departments.

    Thanks again!

    btw do you have aim or skype :O
    I see. Sounds relatively specific to the situation haha. It sounds like you have to wait for certain conditions to be met before you really go for them.
    Although I have one more question, what do you do to keep up reliable pressure up close in the neutral situation? Like what stops you from losing to a player who just shields a lot?

    I don't really understand zero suit that well, and it just seems that a lot of the skills she requires to use properly aren't really things I'm good at as a player, and I'm trying to understand them!
    Hiya! I was wondering if you could explain to me how ZSS players decide when to grab? I don't main ZSS but I was hoping to apply the same principles to my character.

    I appreciate any and all help!
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