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  • Yo, did you delete your fb? I was actually about to hit you with some questions.
    Nah, it's still there. I may have deleted you by mistake when I did a purge recently. Just re-added you though.
    Haha, don't worry about it. You're basically free to do anything you want as long as it's constructive (and I would probably be correct in stating that at least 90% of your posts are constructive).
    Kinda figured as much but whateverrr.

    San Antonio/Nike tomorrow!!!
    Nice, so that means you'll be in France around June/July ? Keep me up to date when you have more precise info, and if you need housing we'll manage something.
    Haha sure, of course !
    You'll just have to tell me what dates you're coming and hope it doesn't clash with my own vacations.

    Will it be around Final Destination ?
    Hey Cj, I have some recent vids from a week ago's tournament. How would you recommend I go about improving my decision making from watching them? Basically, how can I grow from my own mistakes by watching my vid my own videos? What type of things do I need to observe/change? I want to be able to do it myself, but if you have some suggestions or things I need to do, I would really appreciate it.

    Vs Billy (Sheik): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNMwmcMMZxY
    Vs DRN (MK): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I23X8pbtZPk
    Vs Cam (Wolf/Falco): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNqUnEn3WAI
    Yoo, truth is, I don't really come to this site that often anymore XD. I feel like there's nothing to do here. Don't really play the game anymore either. Heared you were going to a Euro tourney some time next year? I'll do my best to be there :p
    Hey, can you do me a favor?

    I know you already critiqued the vids I recently posted in the Sheik video thread, but I have an idea that might help on top of your critique.

    With respect to the advice you gave me, can you compare/contrast this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-PtGyB42GM to the ones from WABA that I posted?

    I know its a bit much, but this would be most awesome!
    I'm fine with arguing more here.

    I didn't say Falco controls space a lot better than Marth. I would believe that if Marth didn't have great mobility and long ranged attacks with a decent speed.

    I disagree that Falco's killing capabilities counteract Marth's advantage in gimping. I feel like Falco's killing capabilities is, at best, even with Marth's in that match up. Marth's fair and nair are safe on block if tipper. Even if those aerials are power shielded you can predict and counter any attack with an up b. Although up b is not safe it is viable option and a good mix up tool, which can make your opponent think twice about trying to do something. The only kill move Falco has that can be safe on shield is a full hop bair, which would not kill until a pretty high % since they're not offstage or high in the air.

    Jab is a decent option, but Marth is one of the best characters at beating jab. It becomes less effective the higher Falco gets in %. Jab 2 is the only safe option against Marth and though it does give you the possibility to lead to a mix up nothing is guaranteed. jab 1 and full jab are completely unsafe, Marth is guaranteed an up b from jab 1 and a fair and up b from full jab. Jab is great at Falco's early %s because up b puts Marth in an disadvantageous position even if Falco gets hit.

    Falco's side b can be easily punished if predicted/reacted to properly, which leads to huge damage and can possibly set him up to be killed. If Marth jabs Falco out of his side b onstage it will sometimes knock him into the perfect distance to be tippered f smashed. Since Falco is in RCO lag he is unable to do anything.

    I don't really see either character having tough time coming back in this match up. Marth doesn't need to depend on the death grab to make a come back, although it's a viable option and obviously something most Marth players would want in that position.
    Oh okay, I guess we'll talk about this more when it comes up in the panel.
    No, the 0-death grab is pretty minor, but I feel it's one of the things that tilt the match up in his favor. I feel like Marth has a slightly better juggle game than Falco in this match up. It's harder for Falco to get away from Marth imo because of Marth's great mobility. I also feel like Marth is one of the best characters at edge guarding Falco. Side b is a very good tool for gimping a Falco trying to recover with up b and Marth's speed gives him a bigger window than most to position himself punish Falco's side b offstage.

    I feel like Falco is slightly better than Marth at racking up damage, mainly because of his dash attack up smash combo. I also think that Falco's lasers and side b give him the edge in the neutral position because it gives him the ability to control space a little bit better than Marth.

    Like I said in my previous message, I feel like this match up is very debatable. Last time I spoke with Mikehaze about it he believed the match up to be even and I think Mr-R and Leon think that it's in Marth's favor.

    What do you believe the match up is?
    I think it's +1 in Marth's favor, but I feel like it's very debatable.
    Nah, you're not missing anything. If I had to seriously analyze myself, I think I have this problem of not filtering my thought processes (if they can even be called that) and also being terribly nonchalant about saying whatever random **** pops into my head. The end result is my brainfarts extending their putrid stench all across the SWF kingdom.
    I usually tell people when questioned "I don't really have a train of thought, it's more of a black hole"
    In all total honesty, in picking out posts to put together that tier list thread adventure, I went through my post history, and half the time I was like "why the ****"
    thinking a bit more. You have to have a lot of willpower to help out the amount you do. Motivation alone can't get what you do done. While i like to think high of my willpower, you just take it to a new level (in this society)
    Skype is Ussichu (lol i know)

    I'm going to bed now, but maybe later. Or i can pm you my number
    heh, I wonder how that feels. Anytime I try helping anyone, my thoughts is that Allah (swt) will be happy with me for helping a fellow human. While I guess I have more motivation to help others (as there is some positive effect for me) but its not the same feel that you have.
    you have no reason you are helping people? Not even a supernatural/divine reason?
    If a broken rule is to be pardoned, then the good that came from the broken rule better outweigh the bad. The biggest problem with pardon is abuse of the system as exceptions will always have someone try to abuse it. So if the good from the broken rule saved someone from a major negative event that isn't easily repeatable then i'd say pardon is ok.

    Although i remember my friend telling me of a case before 9/11 where a man smuggled a gun through security then he went and told security that they need to buff up their security but they just arrested him and didn't listen to the warning
    The only rules i'd say that aren't there to prevent a negative (either for the mass of people or just or the person who made the rule) are rules that exist to make people's life harder or troll people.

    Even then, the "making peoples lives harder" can be due to fear aka red scare and how the japanese were treated during WWII. While immorale, there is some negative event that exists.
    if you are talking about in Islam, then yes, there is wisdom behind pretty much everything.
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