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  • random question but why did you go back to this account?
    It was an accident. I meant to log onto Tagxy but accidently logged on here from my phone and thought it would be confusing to respond to messages from a different account. Really wish I could just merge the two :<
    Eyyy Cassio~

    So, that conversation your having with Shaya in the tier list thread about recovories...
    Is that generally the kind of conversation that goes on in the BBR?

    Been meaning to get into one of these days, and just wanna know what to expect.
    I like reading your post, btw. <3
    Oh wow, not sure how I missed this. Well I think its how it goes among more reasonable people, the BBR does provide a chance to discuss the game with other knowledgable members but you also have to take some initiative as well if its something you want to discuss.

    And thank you, I really appreciate the compliment.
    Interesting, hey could you maybe talk to Captain L about the MU? Help him out a bit? I want to see him succeed, he has the tech to use the tools if he has them.
    One thing you have to know about Captain L is his execution is on point. He's mastered the QAL from dthrow and I've never seen him miss an opportunity after a footstool to QAL. He recently beat alphicans in pools and has taken a game off Felix. Shaya even said he felt he was the next best Pikachu next to Esam having played all the other Pikachus on his trip to NA.

    That particular desync is my favourite desync and is probably the one I use most. It's initiated by dashing away so it's safe and puts me in an extremely good position. If you watch Kakera here, he uses this desync to approach Esam every time he is on the ground.
    How most Ice Climbers lose this match up is by dashing towards Pikachu and shielding and getting bthrowed, but using this desync there is very little risk. I've only seen 4 ICs players use this desync, but I'd say me and Kakera are the ones who use it the most. Desynced Ice blocks completely shut down Pikachu on the ground.

    My most recent game with Captain L Keep in mind with Apex we will be able to strike BF and SV, forcing yout to either Lylat, Yoshi's, or FD which are all incredibly good for ICs in this MU. You can see a lot more grounded play. Notice that when I do get grabbed a don't drop my shield as a means to shield any incoming pummels and I can punish the bthrow with a dash attack. Kakera did this as well when Esam was near the ledge and got a free grab out of it. Also I wasn't dashing as much and approached by walking, allowing me to react to dash grabs or initiate desyncs. During the 2nd half of the game I start to use the 2 dash desync a lot more.

    I admit I made a mistake, the video I was thinking of is DEHF vs Brick. I searched for videos of Z playing a known ICs main in tournament and I couldn't find any. All I could find was him playing Fow's ICs in friendlies (fow was winning) There have been few instances where an ICs main played a Pikachu main at high level. Kprime lost to Pwii's ICs. I've probably played this MU more than anybody, offline and in tournament. The RPS game in this MU is so heavily skewed in his favour it's a wonder it isn't already +2. We dominate on the ground, we dominate in the air. It's much harder for him to separate us than for us to get a grab. Even if he manages to separate us it doesn't mean death as we can save Nana or we still have Sopo.
    A double jump tjolt just allows us to run underneath and upair. Another thing about tjolts is we get a grab set up if one hits our shield. Captain L yesterday tried to use QAC to go through me and shorthop nair beat it everytime. Not to mention he get got hit with the Ice block whenever he tried to go through me and hit by nair when he tried to go above/behind me. Kakera vs Esam is a good demonstration of this match at high level. This MU rarely happens, but it's really the only time where this MU had been shown at top level from a Pikachu and an ICs main. I've seen DEHF beat Z with his pocket ICs, and I've beaten Captain L countless times.
    The thing is you can do anything with Popo out of that desync, a nair OoS is able to counter any QAC attempts to get inside. As I said before, this desync is meant to shut down grounded approach options which is typically how Pikachu would separate the Ice Climbers. When Pikachu is on a platform he has to work extremely hard to avoid our upair, and empty shorthop mix ups force you to use your jump in which case we can punish your landing very easily. What Kakera desync does to this MU is take away those risk options forcing the game to a battle of attrition where Pikachu has a large disadvantage. Not to mention on the Apex stage list, we are guaranteed either Lylat, Yoshi's island, or FD, which are all extremely bad for Pikachu in this MU, and he doesn't have a strong CP on us either.
    I understand Pikachu has methods of separating Ice Climbers that do involve risk but there is one desync in particular that is very versatile in a lot of MUs including Pikachu. This desync shuts down Pikachu's approach options. It takes a while to learn but approaching in this manner prevents ICs from ever being separated from a grab or being poked with a grounded option. It forces Characters to approach in the air which skews the RPS game way in our favour. I think this particular desync skews a lot of MUs in our favour due to it's versatile nature of having both Nana and an ice block behind our shield. This particular desync is what made Kakera so dominant in 2010. I just played with Captain L for a few hours, and as he was taking risks, problem is while Pikachu can take advantage in those uncomfortable situations, Ice Climbers doesn't have to over commit to anything and safely poke.
    Regarding uploading results to AiB, it's actually really easy and I seriously don't understand why people on the WC can't be bothered to do it. It's pretty much a 2 or 3 minute process to find your tournament page, hit the "Upload Results" link, browse to your tio file, and upload it. Hell, if the venue had Internet it could've just been done then and there. The only reason I can even think of for it being a lot of work is if you ran the entire tournament on paper instead and would have to build a tio file from scratch afterward.
    Chinatown bus ($20 roundtrip) or Megabus. Mostly because they're cheap as hell. Greyhound isn't too bad either if you can get one of their discounts (student/military/online deals). By bus, the trip is usually ~2 hours, give or take depending on traffic.

    Train's way faster/more comfortable, but it's expensive. I only take it when my cousin's working so I can ride for free. ;;
    haha how did this news spread so fast xD I'll be there, yep :) Staying with Zigsta on Friday night, but I'm having a friend pick me up after the tournament because I have four other people to visit before leaving on Sunday lmao.

    But yes, will do :D
    I mean, you can post in there, but PM me your submission if you have one

    I'm sure you do :)

    nah I didn't, ironically enough I watched SH: A Game of Shadows over that LOL
    help me convince Kenny to watch Sherlock :( (made by the same people who write Dr. Who, I can explain further)
    Yeah, I do recognize a lot of those composers. And I definitely agree with the sound quality stuff (especially on youtube). If the quality isn't there it can really make or break a song. I listened to the first two youtube links and I'm really enjoying La Campanella. I'll check out the rest later, thanks!
    I haven't even really studied the genre, but I love just switching to the classical station and listening to random composers on last.fm.

    I don't ever really remember specific names, if you have any recommendations PLEASE tell me. Hmm... I enjoy Phillip Glass and a few other big names.. that's all I can really think of.

    I'm more familiar with Jazz, to be honest. Classical I definitely need to do some studying, because I'm pretty lazy.

    I'm REALLY into Post-Rock which is a bit like classical, but more modern. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Yndi Halda, Mono, Explosions In the Sky.. that kind of stuff.

    You have to listen to Godspeed (if you haven't). Like, I'm almost certain you would enjoy them. They range in a lot of different styles, but all of it is superb.

    Here's four of my favorite songs by them:

    Storm - http://youtu.be/5eZ_TgE3x_A
    Moya - http://youtu.be/4vRrGCVlMHk
    Sleep - http://youtu.be/cQcE4_7-X78
    East Hastings - http://youtu.be/2kfkUUkEGtc
    You're a very good and consistent poster. Don't know why I'm stopping by to let you know lol, but it's much appreciated, so... yep :p
    Well get me a way to contact him and I'll try. He's not on SWF and last time I tried contacting people through AIM/Skype, it got me nowhere. :|
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