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  • Larry Hi, I'm an accelerator of Colombia and wanted to ask a question. It is possible to obtain good results with the fox by the Uair only with buttons ?. with the c -stick is hard for me because I'm used to jump with "x "
    We need to play some dittos at APEX good sir. Also I haven't seen you in forever </3.

    P.S. Good Job at Final Battle!
    Yes! I'll see you at Apex.
    Lol you may not see this till later, but do you want to do a pm matches tonight? Could really use the experience to push my limits as a player and a Falco main. If interested contact back.
    I don't have a working Wii or PM.
    Oh okay. Well thanks for at least responding, I appreciate it very much.
    Hey DEHF, do you plan on attending EVO despite it being for Melee this year?
    Yes, I'm entering Melee for Evo.
    Hi Larry :). I was wondering, could you give me some advice on the IC's, Diddy, and Oli mu. And also some tips on item control in the Diddy MU. I just wanted to see what you personally have to say especially since you've taken down a lot of top DDKs and Olimars. Thanks !
    I am currently attempting to get SLS to come to SKTAR 2 but I must get him more interested than he already is to confirm his attendance. Do you think you can give him a personal message to influence his ability to come? I'm sure he'll love it. I can give the message to him and translate it to Japanese if you're interested in giving him a personal message to influence his SKTAR 2 attendance.
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    Tell him to come for the *******. Hot american ******* who want to see his sexy Falco in action. Uh, and if he's gay tell him there are bunch of gay men in the smash community would want him too I guess.
    Just letting you know, but KPrime discovered that we can footstool you out of CG...so we get guaranteed kills now.
    I'm quite happy to discuss it more now if you'd rather not have to deal w/ a huge argument. Or if you'd prefer to wait then I'm good with that too.

    Either way, is there anything I said you inherently disagree with?
    I think it's even- or if it's Marth's advantage not enough to warrant a +1.

    I agree w/ everything you said thus far. However, even though Marth's juggling ability is better than Falco's, Marth is going to be forced to take a position where he runs the risk of getting juggled more often than Falco. Marth is going to be jumping in at you and the slightest mistake for landing fair in spacing gets you a grab (or jab nonsense on PS which leads to grabs). From there Marth is the the air getting juggled. If you shield a rising fair, the option to usmash is there if the spacing is right. Granted, strictly theorycraft, you can say Marth won't space fair badly, but realistically it does happen.

    In neutral, like you said, Falco controls space a LOT better than Marth due to lasers meaning that you get to control the pace of the match. At low %s, that's a huge problem because a grab means we're offstage (a grab starting at a wide range of %s unlike our grab which is 0-4) and you get to rack up so much damage from there since Marth is so bad on the ledge- especially w/ RCO.

    Falco also seems to be better at killing to counteract our advantage in gimping. You force Marth to play your game with lasers/sideB and we need to act around them. As a result the openings for you to kill us are going to happen more often than the other way around- especially with options as quick as your jab to cover mistakes that we can only mimic w/ upB which has the obvious downside on whiff.

    Honestly one of the biggest reasons I think it's even instead of Marth's advantage is because of how good Falco is from the ledge. Marth gets so much damage vs every character (especially top tiers like Olimar and Snake) in his ledge traps that having a character that can circumvent them with such a number of strong options (nair->stuff on shield is difficult to punish outside of upB, and I know mine has been PS'd before, phantasm is annoying, your ledge jump is so high that we can't cover it w/o abandoning other option coverage, dair the back of our shield is essentially safe, again sans upB) is really difficult to deal with.

    And while this part is fairly minor in my opinion overall, I also feel like Falco is such a solid character with a few traits that are absurd that his ability for a comeback when down vs Marth is more consistent than vice-versa as a comeback from Marth would mean needing to play your game the entire time and hinge largely on the death grab. Conversely, if Falco is down, he can still play his game to rack up damage slowly while Marth has to struggle to avoid it all- this results in him still probably approaching into any of your strong defensive options.

    I can certainly understand the opinion of it being Marth's advantage and I'm not inherently against the idea. I just know most of the Marth panel (maybe all? idr) wants to bring Falco up for discussion so I'm just seeing how people feel about it who's opinions I actually care about =)
    I'm pretty busy these days and don't have much time to hang out. I can mail BFM to you though or if you want to come over here and pick it up real quick that's cool with me too, either way works for me.

    I WAS thinking about doing a little reunion with smash/food with a handful of people in the near future though. I'm thinking like You+Christian+Cameron+whoever else wants to come from 818 that you can think of. LMK in advance who they are though. Maybe I can pull in JonT too. Would love to see old friends from the community and I'm sure it'd be fun. Pizza and shiz will be on me and we'll get a few set ups going if you guys are down.
    Well man, I think you should ESPECIALLY prepare yourself for the IC's mu. Maybe you should ask Vinnie or Esam for some practice. Get in lots of practice before Apex, and then go to dat Apex and make sure no one steals your bread.
    Wow, you're so a lot nicer than most offline players. :) Yo, how do you think you'll in Apex 2013? I hope you take it again I'm sure you can do it... unless you have to go up against 9b.. Now that would be unfortunate as ****. Also, Thanks again for helping me man. You're amazing. <3
    Ah, I see. I think the reason I get ***** might be because of approaching unsafely, and I actually was playing a very good snake the other day, I ***** his first stock just by juggling him over and over, so I think I'll have to practice that and I'll have it in the bag. Btw, thanks for beating m2k, it means you're starting to unrust and we still have hope for falco <3 When will you happen to be in a tourney again, and which one will it be? Also, I'm wondering.. what's your opinion of falco teaming with TL and whats the best way to go when using falco in dubs .. Man I'm really sorry for all the questions, I hope you don't feel like you're being meat ridden. I'm an enthusiastic 15 year old falco main an dI just really want to learn about my main and his capabilities and the best way to get better. Dx
    Hey, what's up, Uhm, I wanted to ask.. do you ever practice in training room with Falco and if you do, how often and what do you recommend, because I'm trying to BDACUS perfectly and sometimes I lose my muscle memory and can't pull it off. Also, a few other questions. Do you change your controls using falco, or is it set to default? And also.. could you please explain your opinion on the snake MU, I always have a hard time keeping momentum.. Thanks beforehand, I've been maining falco for a year and you're a complete inspiration to me. :)
    Hey bro, good job winning Revalations and overall improving as a player and placing 1st at recent events. How did you improve? What kind of practice schedules do you have when your not at tournament? What do you work on and what do you recommend I work on to improve to a really high level play from a mid-high level?
    Cool, that is about the time I was going to pick someone else up. Airport rides will have to be $10 per person so keep that in mind and I'll be able to get you.
    Let me know the day and time you're coming in and I'll see if I can get you or if I can get someone else to.
    :D lol sure. Small chance we may have to stay in a hotel room cause my mom has been anal about me housing people but if so it'll be very very cheap (like $5 a night) or free. I'll take care of you dude.
    Thanks for the response. I'll contact them asap cause I might finish this trailer quickly.
    Hey dude, I'm working on a SKTAR trailer and would like to do all HD clips. In other words, do you happen to have a replay file of you doing a decent combo or do you know anyone that may have a replay file of you?
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