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  • There are no Falco power rankings.
    But DEHF is definitely by far the best Falco.
    That would be Awesome! I will gladly take the help. This goes w/o saying, but I will give you credit for it. You don't have to worry about formatting it, I'll do that as I enter it into the guide. You rock!
    I think once I finish customizing the guide, we'll populate it with current and update information. I'm almost finished with the looks of it, and I will post it very soon. I just want to get as much information in it before it goes up. Enochuout will be doing some demonstration videos of the ATs that Falco can do. We're waiting on that too. I want to post a complete as possible guide. It will undergo changes and what not, but I would like the whole of it there. Right now, we need information on stages with some tips for certain stages.
    Hey man, the Falco community is redoing the Falco Guide, and we were looking at starting a group to discuss the different aspects of the group. I saw that you have a group All Falco, and maybe it would be better to use this group. Let me know what you think.
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