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Chef Fox
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  • Do you think you could record a video for me?

    I want you to record the platform drop out of an airdodge/air laser thing. Pretty much how to do it is by landing with either of those two and then spotdodging right when you hit the platform, sort of like L-cancel.

    I got a replay saved if you can't get it from the description but if you were to get that video I'd be grateful.
    Seems we were both having too much fun lol and sure. Do you have auto-save replay? if not you should try getting it before next tourney xD
    I don't suppose you saved any replays? I had to much fun honestly to make sure even I got some for my Wii...
    Haha alright well that is what 3 bans are for xD its totally playable tho just gotta know how to deal with the stage
    Easily a legit CP for strategist or characters with half decent recovery and those who actually know how to tech. A better question would be why didn't you ban it? I head how you fell apart there lol (I shoulda CP'd that if I knew this!!!)
    oh my bad, I copied that 2nd part from the Unity Ruleset thats why it contradicts itself thanks for catching that I'll have to reword it xD the suicides win it.
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