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  • Hey I forgot to tell you in the backroom but good stuff beating DSF. You pretty much had that tournament but too bad you had to end it so early.

    And you're definitely going to Orlando right?
    hey..ive always wanted to know,how did you get so good at illusion cancelling? is there something you know about it that others dont or is it just really good muscle memory?
    stop trying to persuade the falco boards about the D3 Mu, they are too thickheaded xDDD, good info u put in though!
    Just asking a question regarding your personal opinion. Do you find Phantasm Canceling to be an important part to falco's gameplay and that many falco's simply aren't using it enough? Or do you think regular phantasm used correctly is good enough on it's own?
    sorry i failed with your tag
    i watched me vs. lou, i had the lead i just got impatient + got in a pattern. i got this next time
    losers i lost to a diddy i beat in pools but at that point i had to leave very soon + i was frustrated for losing to lou...so i kept hitting his shield and not doing any strategy. the diddy thought that i played the worst i'd ever played against him in that set
    Uhuh. I was wondering, I suppose "enjoy" wasn't the best word for it, I would guess by your very impressive spacing Brawl must seem more like constant adrenaline of a sort each second, and movement of a match, wondering if someone could match your spacing, or approach you properly. At least, it's what I would feel.

    Either way, keep it up, good stuff.
    Hey DEHF first I have to say I am a huge fan, your play style was just ruthlessly precise and patient in your recent sets against Tyrant. Your game has clearly come a long way over the last couple months to that of possibly the best Falco. Enough flattery I am sure you get it all the time what i want to ask is for your advice on the marth matchup I will be posting a thread on the boards trying to get a new up-to-date matchup analysis going. I will also be mentioning in the discussion your last matches against mikeHAZE in the article on the discussion so your thoughts on that set would be of a great help. My own personal opinion is that you were to aggressive, you showed a completely different attitude in your Tyrant matches I undersatnd Metaknight isn't Marth but it is my personal opinion if you played with the same patience precision and advanced meta game you will crush mikeHAZE in your next matches.
    thanks for the tips! i posted a thank you and my bad habits on the FBR. have u had those/it b4?
    hey man I've been watching some top falco brawl vids and I see that when u guys r shot off horizontally yall usually DI with a bair y is that?

    does it help stop the momentum?
    It's up to you man, I know 2.5-3 hours sitting in the back like that isn't fun. It'll be your last resort; if you can't find anyone else to give you a ride, then I'll drive you.
    So what am I supposed to do if someone walk powershields approaches me? Eventually he'll be in my face and I'll be all like '****' and he'll be like '**** yah' and grab me
    catch what I'm sayin?
    Could you tell me something about Falco vs Shields?

    It's hard to be safe on shields, the only moves I know are wellspaced ftilts/jabs, and lasers and phantasms.

    But you're not always in the right position for them. Help for a brotha?
    Hey man, just read D1's post and I'm the same :p

    If you haven't looked at the fbr, I think I need help in the MK matchup. What I'm struggling most with is when I lose momentum and start eating tornados and dsmashes.

    E.G. metaknight would get me in tornado, shuttle loop me off-stage then just proceed to deal lots of damage because I'm struggling to get ground, and when I do get ground the process repeats.

    I would rather talk on aim but the time difference between us is a problem :p
    Supz Larry I wanna get back into Brawl, but I wanted to ask for some insight on the Diddy and MK matchupz cuz apparently I lost my edge in the matchup. Any help you can give will be appreciated...I miss the community and wanna make a comeback.
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