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erick gm14
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  • lol I like ksizzle's IQ comparisons. They always make me laugh. I'm still downloading Goldeneye. Its at 75% done. I don't really care for the game, may not even play it, I'm just downloading it and putting it on my external harddrive cause I like to have new games on it.
    :D Its probably better that way. I don't know what the arguement was about. He was talking like I said Falco on Cruise was undoable. Of course it is but obviously MK is a better decision. Didn't think that was debatable.
    Yeah dude, I'm a host there. We plan on heading over there after KTAR. I'll at least be able to get people free fries and drinks!!
    haha yeah =), i didnt really care if i won or loss (even tho the win over zucco was tight but not getting out of pools LOL) i know u were in it to win =) at least now i know it's hard to get inside falco's range x_x, i have to learn how to think faster for my options, luigi got ****ty approach options LOL
    I'm not going to try and copy. You just have some flash in your style and I'm down for that. I don't want to copy you completely lol. I need someone to look at before I jump in head first
    How have you been my dude? I learned Falco recently. I'm tryna learn how to play like you. But the only vid of my falco on youtube is me getting 9'd by gandw twice D:
    Preparations so if you want to come to the ZB crew meet, we can get you there and back home with little issue's. I know you want to attend some of our practices, and by now I am sure you read our crew thread about letting you try out for the crew if you are interested, but I also stated that you need to connect with our crew more since we don't know you all that well. If you want, let me get your phone number.
    1. I see people making Amway cracks at you on the forums.
    2. It says so in bum's post for his tourney in dec.
    3. we can talk a lil bit more tomorrow. do you have aim?
    And you have an amway business? thats legit. Ive heard about you selling the XS at tournaments. How is that working out for you?
    I had a feeling you might misunderstand.

    My question had absolutely no pertinence to your crew drama.

    It was more of a reference to your business situation
    Premium membership. :p Click "user CP" at the top of your Smashboards page, then look towards the bottom of the left column. This is the second time I've changed name, I was theDoom before I was Termina.
    Wow, don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone can improve, and your Falco is still good, even if not in doubles.
    I was actually thinking about it, but you do not fill in the qualifications.

    You seem to lack the following:

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