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Max Ketchum
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  • You live in Kinnelon, eh? :D
    Max Ketchum
    Max Ketchum
    Nope, I live in West Milford, Rochelle Park, and New Rochelle NY. I travel between my mom's/dad's/school
    Is your tournament at 25 Kinnelon Road on May 10th or May 24th? The smashboards post says its on the 10th, the facebook page says its on the 24th.
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    Max Ketchum
    Max Ketchum
    There are Facebook and Smashboards posts for them both!
    Max Ketchum
    Max Ketchum
    Meaning, there are two tournaments--one on the 10th, one in the 24th, both in the same location.
    because he was on a thin-ice policy in regards to the reversal of his previous permaban
    frame traps that force the opponent into a situation in which they must get hit.

    A set of two actions that due to the first action's cooldown, shield stun, range or a combination of these sorts punishes majority of defensive options present.

    You think this one is okay? I say majority because DI at times can be a factor although there are definitely ones that cover all defensive options.
    My man Doom, Ive got a question for you. How would you properly explain frame traps in Smash in a way that would be easy for new and old players to understand? Im trying to think of one that isnt too wordy.
    Easiest way is to namesearch you username. As in, exactly how it is.

    Any post report threads will come up in the namesearch results, it's how I do it. :D
    Congrats on modship Doom ;D

    Do you know of any open carpools going to that MD tournament this weekend btw?
    can you post who everyone used in the tournament that you just recently made a thread for
    Please disregard the PM I sent you. It was an error that you were not supposed to recieve. Thank you very much! Sorry for sending you it! ^^"
    did you mean to put Luigi as +2 in the falco discussion? You have him as -2 to falco but then in the luigi discussion you also have falco as a -2 to luigi.
    I no longer have an AIB, and this shoutouts are HELLA BOOTY, OMG SON, I punched a kitty

    Also, just so you don't think anyone was saying anything derogatory about you in the thread, I skew names habitually just because I find it awkward to mention people then have them come and post in the thread.

    Just sose ya know.
    That thread you posted in has turned into the most grotesquely ******** thing on the face of the Earth.
    although i doubt it.....mind doing that deal for a ride to DNA?....ill pay leik $150 total plus Wendy's and Mcdonalds gift cards...:>
    EDIT: your prob full tho...eff eff EFFFFF
    We just need a ride to and from the venue. We aren't staying at the hyatt and we have to wait for a freind there anyways.

    My number is 404-385-8445 if you need any other information as I may not lag back on to smashboards tomorrow.

    Thanks a bunch dude.

    23 dolalrs is fine
    Ok got all the info
    Arrival time-2p.m August 5th
    Spirit Airlines
    Flight 404.
    LGA airport

    There will be 3 of us including myself.

    Departure back.

    August 9th.
    Spirit Airlines
    Flight 403
    Departure 2:40p.m

    We just need a ride to the venue and we can get to our hotel from there
    Hey I saw your thread and was wondering if you can give me and 2 of my friends a ride from the LGA airport at 2pm to the venue. We'd pay the fees of course and we would need a ride back to the airport on Monday. Our flight on Monday leaves at 2:40p.m
    Actually, nvm sorry. Famous asked me first, but if he doesnt want to team now, we can team
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