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  • RJ, I heard that your Wii was being used on the stream at Collision. I wanted to know if you could tell me what CSS/Music you had on your Wii at the time or where you got them. I really like them and would love to get a hold of them.

    Ok confirm me for the event
    Stream link is www.clashstream.com

    Make sure to edit your event and put that into the box that says livestream link so it pops up on the todays livestreams on that day automatically
    Noticed you were posting on the Lucario boards a bit more recently, nice to see you pop by once and a while again RJ.
    Hehe, the fact that I haven't been into Brawl for about a year probably has something to do with it. =X

    But yeah, hopefully we'll cross paths sometime soon. It's been too long!
    Hey, I told MVD the other day I'd ask if you could give me his replays against M2k. You don't have to record them, I can do it. If you want I can give you my wii&Brawl FCs if you don't feel like getting it from your SD card.

    He really did want the set up, so I told him I'd try to put them up for him.

    Nah, I'm gearing up for MvC3 now. I tried getting back into Brawl a few times, but it just bores me. :urg: I have more motivation to practice Marvel, and it's not even out yet!

    Glad to hear you're doing well tho, and yeah, we should chill next time we're at the same event. I might pop up at a few for dubs or something. :)
    Hey RJ. :bee:

    I been all right.... same old, same old. Looking for a job, trying to save money for school, etc. etc. Basically quit Brawl, but I'm still around the boards and Xat.

    How've you been?
    I'm guessing you don't like how lazy the Lucario boards are, nor the fact they don't try to test ideas fully.
    I can most likely attend, not 100% sure, but send me a msg or an invite, if I'm around I'll be sure to join.

    Thanks for letting me know
    I understand.

    If you want to do any projects again in the future for the luc's, I'd be glad to help. Also get well soon. :>
    I wasn't at home, though..... I was downtown & Matt wasn't gonna go out of his way to get me (wouldn't expect him to either).
    o.o I didn't tell you to go, I just asked if you were going lol.

    Anyways, I went out the night before and couldn't make it home til the next day. :ohwell: Wish I coulda been there.... heard there were some upsets.
    I know this is really short notice, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to VC8 anymore. It's a long story. -____- I'm really really sorry..... I was looking forward to teaming with you, not to mention I was gonna try to start getting into singles again. fml.
    Whichever you wanna use. I'll probably switch between Pika and Zelda depending on the matchup, but I'm gonna try to go mostly Pika this time.
    I'm pretty sure I can find some way to VC8. You wanna team?

    It's cool if you wanna wait til a different one, because I'm not 100% confirmed for this yet, but I'm always looking for a way to not have to do singles. =X
    What time? I have class, but then I don't have classes on Wednesday, so I might be able to go if you go late enough. My last class is my Comp Sci midterm. Normally, Comp Sci is from 5:25 to 7:30 but you can leave the lab when you're done with the work. However, I don't know how long the midterm will take me. It'll start at 5:25, and you can probably assume it'll be from 1-2 hours, unless it's just REALLY easy, in which case I'll be done in less.

    I'll know the material, so I'll get through it fairly quickly, I just don't know how long the test is going to be. At any rate, I WILL have my cell phone by then (hopefully I get it today or tomorrow before I leave to D.C.)
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