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  • Hey RJ how you doing I was wondering If I could be of any of use to you in the backroom and the boards too. I'm willing help out with anything at a high competive level.
    Phil Isnt replying to my VM's at the moment so havent compared nores yet Rofl. anyway when's the deadline for ROB?
    Sorry about Bear, he is quite the troll.
    Continue on this, I haven't seen this enthusiasm since the beginning of the lucario boards, and I'd rather have it be from someone who's got loads of opportunities to get the metagame done right and with a strong smash community (c'mon, it's NJ for crying out loud!) than an unstable source.

    Who else could it be?
    That is...unless they decide to take someone from outside of the boards.
    Hi, I just wanted to say I saw some of your post. yeah, I just kinda picked up lucario and I think he is a decent fit for me. anyways, I just thought you should know that your awesome
    looks like were gonna have to swamp Hylian again with sticky requests if we want the book stickied.
    I'll write it Monday if that's okay, I'm kind of chillin right now and will be in Vegas all weekend for the 4th. After that I feel like I'm dropping the boards for a long while.

    so yeah you can run the punish guide.
    its gonna be beefy, much homo

    seriously, i will 'tard the **** out of it. i will leave it to you to clean up.
    what lol

    i see you want me to do combos/mindgames but in what format? Just a new thread? and what on?
    I want u to give pierce a run for his money next time you play. He's my favorite marth frankly besides Mike, and I want to see some good ol' NJ lucario action!
    I saw the message.
    Something about dtilt? Sounds interesting. What is needed for testing?
    Main Lucario, 2nd a wide amount of characters. Live on the east coast. I have played the best of the best from M2k to Ninjalink, and its more then just once, I play them consistantly. I'm part of zodiac braves (NJ/NY crew) also with members that are amazingly good at this game. honestly for the people who message me or comment me about stuff... You don't know what you're talking about most likely. Come to Metaknight land, and see how well you fair where every person around here knows how to play against you. =]
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