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  • i was thinking about what you said in the revamp group... Maybe we should ask RJ to get a mod to switch the OP? he doesnt seem to be updating the guide even after i asked him.
    LOL what happened? GGs and if I took something for that it is the following: sheilding + lag= FAILURE
    Doing quite well, actually.
    If things pull through, I'm hoping to get the lucario boards image renewed and redone as more professional and intelligent, as I've seen some pretty bad stuff go around about it and it affects whether smart/tourney going lucarios visit the site more often.
    I'll talk to Kita for more info about it, but it seems that way.
    Also, Rockettrainer says this works on D3 and DK to some effective extent.
    So far, Kita's confirmed that apparently if you are close enough with jab, after AA, there's 11 frames of stun that your opponent has to go through, which is why these other moves go in and out of it so easily.
    The idea of using DA on someone who falls into it is quite good really. I always hated it's unsafe lag vs. a shield, so that gets rid of it XD
    Oh yeah, thank you very much for the video, really helpful (my friend was unable to come over).
    Probably sometime today. I cant get on the Wii right now.

    But that's SOO COOL now that you got a computer. It's been a while man.
    Yeah i'm sorry. I've been busy with other things.

    I'll get on today after school though.

    Good luck with that. Hopefully, you can actually complete one, lol ^.^
    Death to all who oppose me lol what up wont be entering tourney its inconvinient time for me next time if its on a saturday guaranteed 1st place victory
    My Wii is being sent out tomorrow (or today) and is 2-day shipping, so it should get to Nintendo by Wednesday, then I would expect to have it back by at the earliest Saturday and at the latest next Tuesday. If you need to drop me out of the tourney because of this, then go ahead.
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