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  • Hey, This is RJ from NJ. Seeing that you are one of the higher end people of NY, I was asked by Alex Strife to inform you that there will be a meeting this evening with the higher end TO's and panel of both NJ and NY to discuss a variety of issues and changes that might affect you in the future. If you can, will you please attend the conference that will he happening this evening around 8 PM? If so, please add my screen name on AIM and IM me when possible.

    Aim: RJRawrr

    Sorry for the short notice, and I hope to see you later this evening.
    oh no opps ^^ lol worded it wrong. I meant how do i get from Polybrawl to my house? like once the tourney is over how do i get back home?
    HelpR, about the poly tourney, i live on 161 street @ yankee statium. What train do i take back from poly to get there?
    I think I saved a Falcon v.s Ike match on your wii? On Yoshis island

    can you tell me what codes were being used?
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