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  • yo..could you possibly text me sometime over the break about when you and the rest of the crew will be in poly?... i wanna come thru w/ bluez and raptor and get some good training in for me and those guys.. i honestly feel it would be huge for them to come through and get some legit training from someone other then me and each other.. and you know.. really learn those matchups
    If it ends up being canceled a month before the tourney date, or even a few weeks, it should be fine. But get it in ASAP, since if the tourney is canceled a week or a few days before the tourney people WILL get pissed.

    So yea, try and get it in asap, and we'll prolly be all set up or shot down well before the tourney date. I'll try and put in the thread that it's not guaranteed yet, but we wanna try and buffer as much as possible.
    wait I just found out that your semester ended or something? If thats the case where will you guys brawl then?
    hmm well I can try if I can and also geez I have no class on fridays anyway so I think I may be able to come next friday or I may come in for a surprise visit sooner than you think. lol but where can I find you guys if I do though in Poly Tech?
    hiya owl whats up and oh yeah there is going to be a Brawl Tournament at City Tech on April 2nd and it starts at 1pm. I was wondering if you were going to enter plus I would like that rematch with your lucario again. lol
    hi Owl and merry christmas and have a happy new year oh yeah I would like a rematch too man Lucario vs Lucario that was good.
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