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  • Nah I don't play against marths or peaches, too boring. Fox vs Falco will be fine. It'll be great to meet you there.
    nothing much, just noticed you post on Ish's wall

    who do you play in melee? we only brawl'd :p
    Hahaha now everytime I see you post I just imagine you posting in the same accent that guy talks (your avi) : D
    Ohhh back to Melee, that explains why I don't run into you anymore haha. I've been sticking to brawl-only tournaments in hopes that they'll be more time-efficient and everything. How's life outside of smash going?
    Yeah man it's been a long time haha, I still don't get out TOO much but I've been out to the last two KTARs and APEX 2011... I thought you quit Brawl tbh, do you still go to tournaments?

    Also thank you for your input man, much appreciated. I was also thinking I'd rather go to $10 because I want people to play their hardest, for the most they can give and get. (Instead of winning a measly $20 lol)

    Although I was also considering that alot of people might go to Rom3. But still, this is a tournament. (Basically a hard decision, but I want people to feel like they earned something when they come)

    : D
    Yo, MAD should be on the 13th of November. : D

    I got new photos up too. : D

    (Pick up Metal Reaper if you can xD : D)
    Alright cool, idk if I can get there, I've never been to any smashfests or tourneys or anything, just have always been playing my little brother =/
    Hey man where in Philly do ya live? im like 10 mins away from Philly, I live in Abington, looking to go to some smashfests.
    Sick avatar!

    I loved it when Ganondorf turned into a beast. It made the game even more amazing than it already was, and it was pretty amazing already.

    +1 respect
    How do pools work? Sorry, I don't want to look like a complete noob. >_>;;
    I've only been to one tournament before, a local tournament...I got knocked first round. -__-
    Can't make that unfortunately =/

    We should play some Melee together sometime, I'm interested in seeing how my Link fares against you guys :laugh: I actually prefer playing Melee when I can, because some of those combos are just too good :p
    Nooooo D: lol. I know what you mean, definitely. I think the main reason I'm still with brawl is because it leaves me more time to think and focuses more on that as opposed to techskill >___>

    When is Xzax's?
    Sup Palpi, how've you been?

    Any chance of going to Viridian? I might actually be there, with some luck >_>
    Your main icon is so fun to keep tabs on
    Meta knight
    By the way I'm still holding a grudge on you for calling me a lier at COT4
    What would you think about hosting Melee smashfests at Wade's instead of tournaments? I think we should get a feel for what people would want more. It's a nice smashfest venue, haha.
    Nvm. I got someone.

    D3 saves like a beast, has the swallow, survives long, and finishes. Marth can tank stocks. Don't hate.
    Marth and d3 are not bad at doubles. I guess I'll find a new ladders partner, lol.

    You never said whether or not you want to Brawl.
    I played for the first time in weeks yesterday. Want to Brawl?

    I like D3 as a teams partner =) MK is nice too, though. GnW+Marth wouldn't do so hot.
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