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  • Hi, I'm hosting a tournament on March 4th, and I didn't know if you could approve the post for it, so it can get exposure. Thanks in advance
    Hey it's was great meeting you. If the next tournament has melee i promise you won't be me so easily like last time.
    Hey! I was wondering if you were planning like a saturday smash bi-weekly? I just feel like tuesdays are very awkward days for a lot of people.
    I am a TO for Tournament City Games in Frederick Maryland. How do i get our events to be posted with the other tournaments listings?
    If you are reffering to this thread http://www.smashboards.com/threads/398822/. You need to click edit at the top right, where the venue information is. You will see an area to add the Atlantic North prefix to your tournament, which will list it with other Atlantic North events in Tournament Listings.
    Dude I love your profile pic, Ippo FTW
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    so glad I found that anime last year. One of the best ones by far!
    are you tested Nintendont with official gamecube controller adapter for wii u?
    They haven't developed drivers for it yet. They will soon.
    one of GBATemp users have controller config... and works... only black cord must be connected, gray cord not neccesary. but i was wondering if official gc adapter works with no lag.
    are you tested Nintendont already?

    feels more laggy than Devolution?
    Nintendon't has been out for months and months. It feels fine. We determined that it doesn't accept certain controllers. Hax came out to a weekly a few months a go that was run on Nintendont and he couldnt use his controller but everyone else was fine.
    but i feel bit laggy on Nintendont, idk how it feel devolution; i don't have a wii neither original melee disc that's why i'm asking about :c
    and yea. it's pretty fine c:
    Hey, are you still planning on making the Melee Vault? I have solid experience with the languages needed to write it (HTML, PHP, SQL, JavaScript and CSS).
    Hey, I'm a Let's Player by the name of PalPlays on YouTube (Paladin's my name) I can't get Window's Movie Maker 2.6 to give me a 16:9 layout without giving me black borders, could you help? I can upload a private video of what my problem is on YouTube and give you permissions to watch it. If you can help (I hope you can) say so and I'll set up a convo.
    Hmm... dunno if he used Flacko as a main before or not. I think he's from GA, or at least atl-south, main is Sheik as far as I know right now (though he's able to use every viable character at least decently).

    He's in this video, Rayku [Jason] (sorry in advance if this brings back any harsh memories, it's the best thing I could imagine for you to identify who he is, though). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C33pr5CGfo

    and some gameplay that I assume is his http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLB5ilgxkiw
    Derp. Suddenly found myself so busy with school/work that I forgot about this site lol.

    Anywhoo, was gonna let you know I finally found a decent training partner where I live (Rayku), so I'm finally getting to get into Melee. Am training for Apex 2013, so next time I won't be diving in with 0 experience. :3
    Hey, did you have any problems installing SD Remix? I've been hearing from many of the disc users that the link was broken for everyone except for me (wow, thanks Mediafire <_<).

    Let me know man, you and your community's feedback is very valuable to this project. :)
    Mine are all in line to upload and should be done by this afternoon. I only had like 10
    Still the same price. It wasn't going to go down anytime soon so I thought "**** it, ill just buy the tix" lol.
    Well, his visa did get approved, but he still hasn't received the actual thing! It might come down to the wire if he is gonna get it on time or not!
    I'm trying to find a way to apex, but damn, trip costs quite a bit considering distance and WORST AIRPORT EVER.
    hey, do you know what programs i can use to capture with my easy cap? my software that came with the cd is having problems installing and . . . -____-.
    I will do fox vs falco and maybe peach vs falco if im feeling like peach that particular day :)
    so it took me long enough to find out
    January is my school's intersession, Apex is a (Bison) YES
    I don't plan on going to a tournament before apex, I'll be in New York for college next semester.
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