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  • Nothing. And thanks. Hopefully, i'll be able to get Wii homebrew this Saturday. I'm gonna watch your tutorial again. Do you think it would work on a Mac? I'm asking because I have one.
    Hey, I was wondering about the controller quality of the controllers you were promoting in this thread from August. It's time I got some new controllers, but I don't want to go the expensive first-party route or the supposedly poor-quality Mad Catz route. I'm concerned about how long the sticks, in particular, will last compared to those on a Nintendo-brand controller. The control stick on my current one has a huge dead zone now, and the C-stick won't register tilting to the left and right. This is after six years of use, for the record. Also, do the third-party controllers you were promoting work with Brawl and other Wii games that can use a GC controller?
    hey, the dvd is going to take a little time to process and send to you, problem is we got another order in comming next week and im busy going some where this week. We will wait till the other check comes in the mail before we process anymore dvds and send them all out at once.
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