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  • oh man, sorry dude I've moved out of the dorms for the summer. I'll be back in the fall though.
    Yeah man it's on July 24th. You live right by it right? If not tell me and I'll try and find someone to give you a ride. Remind me on like the 22nd or something.
    what up man. We didn't get a chance to meet cuz the last tunes was canceled. Yo saffron city is coming up saturday the 20th, I know you've been to one before. Me and stric and nando are coming to that as well, you should hit us up there.
    Yea hit me up on aim @ sneak8288... but yea we have space n the car so it shouldn't be a problem. U just have to come to linden or elizabeth but that's a quik *** train ride
    Yeah me 2. lol i heard y'all talked on xbox, he said u sound like a grown man lol.
    Word. god willing alot of people will make it and u'll get mad experience.
    Yo whats up Dada. Lol i want to call you by your first name but i forgot it. What is it again? Yo, If you want a ride to tunes bi-weekly next Saturday on the 6th, Sneak8288 is offering you a ride. He lives in Elizabeth right 10 mins from you. If you're interested send him a message here or on aim his aim is Sneak8288 also. Hit him up, we tryna get all of SFE there.
    **** son we were playing for the past like 3 hours >_> i was expecting a text from you

    pc jona showed up too, and he'll probably be here next week sometime so I'll just text you if he shows up
    niiice u go to school here or what

    and yea i'd totally be down for some melee
    Uhh as of now Im probably not going because I cnt make it day 2. And dnt wanna pay the $20 venue fee if I can only make it for 1 day. Srry hope you can still manage to get there.
    I'm not sure thats within my power, the car i'm riding in is full. I can ask around if there are any other newark smashers that have en extra seat. Also, you have to consider that it is a 2 day tourney, and that if the person offering a ride is staying over night in NY and if your parents are okay with that.
    true man. Are you staying for both days, we need to get some matches to put you to the test!
    If you're planning to play during the weekday you have to let me know in advance.

    I have a lot of stuff I have to do during the weekday so I have to make sure I have time for it anyway.
    ok. if you can get another tv just let me know, mines is to heavy to carry to NJIT lol
    Im on vacation right now. I wanted go but couldnt. Not gonna be able to make no johns either but I should be able to go to Eggm´s tourny
    LOL i asked you while you were playing Reno. i was the boy behind you with the Blue shirt

    I just had drinks of everclear..... and something.... I doubt it LOL
    sorry man about not telling you, we didnt go. he lost his gps. he had tired johns, and so did i. so we didnt go, but he's gonna be throwing a fest soon. ill let you know ahead of time so you could see if your free.
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