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Heart Break Kid

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  • Don't tell me its finally over for HBK? I was so hurt when u didn't go to Pound. Hit me upppp
    Do you have a setup? I'm actually at NJIT but I don't have a setup, and I don't have my phone cuz I broke it yesterday so I'm not sure when I"ll know you're here >_>
    NC vs tristate trash talk aside, you really do have a fantastic marth. I wish you had the ability to travel more, I feel like you could be the representative that marth needs.
    oh snaps

    mah dude hbk!!!!!

    we found cheap tickets for him, but we messed up so bad, because like idiots we start playing melee and then refreshed and then prices when up like crazy

    chances are you might be able to find something cheap

    but u gotta buy that ticket immendiately

    ill look around and post in the thread for people to look for cheap ticket as well

    keep looking tho, cuz it be sick if you came through =D
    This dude right here is hands down the funniest ****ing dude on SWF.

    Keep on trolin'
    great, im planning on going to, hopefully i can meet you and play your marth ^ ^. I hope you guys make it down, though i think gmoney is coming for sure.........
    not much, are you going to gamme? i asked g money for you at winterfest, on the account that ive never met you................i like your marth (ive seen videos)
    woooow we really arent friends on this. i had no idea. they need to add a top 8 feature...it would be hot.
    i.. did forget to activate my acct. I'm gonna do that now. my account name is "Jigglypuff" btw.. LOL
    Alright no prob. I'll try to find a place as well. I'll let u know if I find anything
    yo man ... are u serious about wat u said ... like ... o man its going to be hard lol
    I hate to ask you this but do you really know for a fact that VBM is coming to Pound 4? The debate continues to rage.
    HBK if i throw a tourney on the 9th of january in poughkeepsie u think u can make it
    Hey, just wondering if you will be coming tonight. Maybe you and VBM can get that MM that is long overdue lol. We might decide that setting up in the room next door would be better so we aren't bothered as much. ARES is also coming tonight as well.
    HBK are you going to saffron city on satureday? if so i like to ask you how are you getting there?
    Yea no problem. Maybe you can come out to gamers this tues again. Starts at 8. Same place and we can get those recordings of the now banned VBM.
    Hey, are you free today to smash? I can go to your house on the way home from school if you want
    Hey. Ok so tonight is going to be a little complicated. I won't be there until later, probably 10ish and Virus isn't sure if he is going. Virus said if he is it would be around 9:30 and he will let me know his plans around 8. I can try to contact Ares to see if he wants to come again so you two can smash until we show up in which case you would have to bring a setup (minus a tv).
    Yea I'm not sure. I wonder if he will go to Pound 4 and do those MM. I have no idea what he is thinking if he can't beat you let alone touch you because he will find more of the same at tourneys. Do you know who his main is?
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