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  • ....lol umm EVERYONE is technical. Last time i played i couldnt sheild grab anyone, but 90% still dont have the smarts to be really good(they're like reno/g$ smart). But if its teams i think its less to worry about.Gotta see when a tourney is tho.
    Lmao! We got this, lol next one in the city so whenever d1 hosts another 1. Probably in august. When is the last time you even touched the game?
    Hey dude, what's new with you? It's been awhile, fellow senior citizen. =D
    Lol I looked at your friends and theres a break friendship option, thats so cold. Way to win free money off LI scrubs!
    no johns son...you should like drive to CH3 and pick me up on the way there. i kinnda wanna go to a big brawl tourny n this looks like its gna b big. i dnt think gmoney will drive cuz he not for brawl that much
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