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  • Oh **** dude! I've been following your gamemaker fighting game for awhile now!
    I can't wait for it to be complete!
    I've used gamemaker for a couple years now and have always dreamed of creating something with such good mechanics as what you've programmed.
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    Haha no way, that is awesome and thanks for the compliment! Is your GMC name similar to this one? It sounds familiar. I'm guessing you didn't know I was the same person here on this forum? lol though its been a while since I've posted here :)
    Kk. We'll be having a fest this Friday, and if you have time before then to play and wanna, let me know. I'll text you in a second or so.
    What's good kupo?

    Yeah, can you share your Pit knowledge w/ me? I really want to be an amazing Pit player; one that is capable of winning large tournaments. How do you play smartly w/ him and how can I get better @ reading my opponents?
    i did, and responded.

    A lot of the character changes you proposed would be quick to fix in PSA. Appreciate the insights on it. If you do plan on doing more testing, i can tell you how to make adjustments quickly if you'd like.
    My bad I had, I left for break this morning and wont be back until Sat night. So we'll probably play next week or something
    Yea Ill probably be playing with someone later on in the day and since I have no class tomorrow Im dwn for whatever time. Just Text me or Call about your plans. Lemme know what you or Virus are up to, I guess around the same time Virus lets you know what he's doing. I dnt mind showing up there at like 10ish
    I know it might be break and you might be home but are you guys still having that gamers meeting tonight? I might be able to stop by again and would go if your going to be there. Lemme know and maybe this time we can get Virus to play some singles matches.
    My guess is Peach? Whenever he seems like hes somewhat serious thats who he plays. But I dnt think it makes a difference
    Lol I know, I personally really enjoy them....but I really have a hard time believing if he really thinks what he's saying is true
    I think you are going to like what i have been working on for a while. Its not done yet, but I think you'd be interested in the project :p
    Oh, Really?
    Would you mind telling me what they are :)? I'm glad that you're still influential then. Thanks a lot. In any case, I don't even have time to play games except for a single day during the weekends.

    So I shouldn't be one to talk about that. I've got to go to bed now, thanks a lot Kupo.
    This is actually the reason why I'm asking you to join them again.
    I'd like you to push your ideas into them, as WBR don't take into account the little players like us (me and others).
    Hey Kupo,
    I've recently started Brawl+ again and I think that it would be great if you could join the team again. Just my 2 cents.

    What's your opinion on that?
    apply to the debate hall and you'd get it :p
    Well, I'm working on that right now, I have all the stuff to do it, I just am confused because it says I need some correctly organized Homebrew, which I don't think I have.
    Hey Kupo, I was wondering if you could help me get my Wii to save infinite replays? I would love you forever.
    Reading about all the drama around B+, nearly made me cry. You had the right idea, and the means to achieve it! And they boot you!

    What could have been... Boy oh boy.
    Thank you, haha. I hope for the same, Melee 2.0 @__@...
    Sorry about the age question, it seemed random.
    I was just wondering that because I know a lot of 15~16 years old guys who are almost as good as you in hacking/programming/etc... and that makes me feel like I'm really good-for-nothing.

    Well, I'll leave you alone now. It seems a bit repetitive.
    See ya around man.
    Hahaha. I'm the same as you xD. At first, I thought I wanted something that wasn't Melee 2.0. But I've quickly come to realize that what I wanted was exactly that. I appreciate a lot what you've tried to do, it that was actually what I had hoped for Brawl to be. There's that friend of mine who I totally dominate on Brawl+... but get 3/2-stocked on Melee. That's proof of how easy the game is, it's quite lame in fact. At least, you're one of them who has never strayed from what you looked for. Very respectable :laugh:.

    And yeah, you're right. Brawl's Physics engine just plain sucks... Personally, I think the game was well-organized. But that was about it. Simply well organized :(. Melee's 10 times as fun... I even have fun playing scrubs (well, my usual smash partner. I barely get to play with anyone else...).

    I'd love to see Smash4 as Melee. But I think it'll become even more of a party game than Brawl :T. They might remove small ATs like pivot grab and all that crap. Oh and, how bout removing ledges and make it so we can't ever die :bee:? Haha...

    I can totally relate when you say 'playing without codes', it gets annoying to always load GeckoOs :dizzy:.. In any case... I'll always remember your hardwork and dedication you've put into Brawl+. That really gave me a great impression! Btw, how old are you?
    I'm quite curious.
    You completely stopped? I kind of understand. I mean, incidentally... I had stopped playing Brawl+ around the same time you quit working on it. I've just restarted recently, in hopes to have a fun Marth... And to be able to tweak with the PSA just for the hell of it. Somehow, I preferred it when you were one of the leaders of the project. You provided better reasons for every changes.

    In any case, I might as well just quit again. I can't seem to have any fun out of it anymore =/. You're really cool man, these thoughts are true ;).
    And that's coming from an usually ungrateful teenager. :laugh:
    Hey Kupo,
    I've noticed that you've stopped working on B+ for quite a while...
    But I've never took the time to thank you for your hard work man :).
    I remember you helping me out quite a lot because I had trouble loading my codes and all that kind of stuffs.

    Thanks a lot man.
    I might seem random, pardon me.
    :sadface: it was a good run man i really appreciate your hard work in developing the brawl pit metgame and brawl+ you rock

    ps who do you main in melee
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