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  • I don't know, but it depends on whether he has insurance or not. If he qualifies for a county facility, he may be able to get treatment for free, but those are usually reserved for extreme cases.

    I pulled some numbers off NYC's government site that he can call and ask:
    1-800-LIFENET (crisis hotline)
    718-338-4622 (Brooklyn Community Counseling Center)
    I think it's broken. The main page doesn't ever load around this time of the night. I don't know if it's routine maintenance, or a problem with their server, or if the site is just in decline.
    That's good news. I don't think it'll be impossible for you to make new friends. You do have some social skills, right? A lot of the time, it's just self-doubt that weighs a person down. Anyway, if the basement-dwellers can have roleplay friends, so can you.
    Well, it was amusing at first, but then it got out of hand.

    Optimism is easy, I guess. Lots of "doing" and not much "thinking." I'll always be a cynical mofo. The trick is to not act like one. Good luck with the counselor. Let me know how it goes.
    Yeah, he got roombanned. I didn't report him for arguing with me or anything. We had an exchange, but that wasn't the issue, considering what was going on in other threads.

    I'm doing okay. Forcefeeding myself optimism. You?
    OK I see you.

    Yo I'm the next man comin out the Chi'
    I ain't no Yeezy but you know I keep it fly
    747 takin off up into the blue
    Don't know where life'll take me
    But I hope it's somewhere new
    All I know is this, see
    Cash rules everythin' around me
    Don't sell keys but still make dough
    Cuban *****es on deck, call me Fidel Cashflow
    It helps to not think about it too much before you do it. For the past few weeks, on my days off, if I sleep past a certain time, I'm messed up for the rest of the day. It's like a nasty hangover that I can't get rid of and I am **** to myself and everyone around me. It's probably a totally different feeling for you, but I'm just saying that I know how much it sucks to be caught up in a bad cycle of something.
    Okay. If you feel like you have to go see a counselor, then it's very important that you follow through with it. I'll be on AIM tomorrow if you want to talk.
    Okay, I'll be on for the next few hours. If you don't see this message, I'll be on AIM again tomorrow evening.
    haha hi kenken! :D no worries, i'm not here very often either, and on fb non plus.
    somehow i got away from this "facebook addiction" and i'm sooo proud of myself for that haha xD
    i just don't delete accounts in general cuz you never know when you'll need it again xD

    i've been ...good, some weird combination of hella lazy and extremely busy, but fine altogether :D how about you? any news?:D
    as for me, i'm now in this "omg only less than half a year to go, stuffed with exams and stuff" - school-phase and I HATE IT hahaha. i'm always sooo tired, i don't even know why. i'm not even doing much for school or anything,and i'm still so tired xD

    btw, happy chinese new year :D did you somehow celebrate it? i'd usually get new years money and/or presents, but not this year... ;_; xD i was sick the whole holidays. what a great start! haha

    ...i think i'm going to take a nap now. yes that's what i'm gonna do. :DDDDDDD
    haha how about this :
    when we chat i want to dedicate all my attention to you
    but alas some other friends were bugging me so i decided not to~ ;)

    hey that's cool :D
    i often hear of people who go to college and find new awesome friends =]
    that's prolly cuz the people there kinda have the same interests as you
    or something xD

    well, need to earn some money first
    there are some unis/colleges that offer you to study a semester/year abroad
    might go with that
    oh ma goawd i wanna see the world so bad :DD

    i'll get back at ya then.hahaha
    srsly german is nothing you want to learn
    it's such a difficult language xD and it doesn't sound nice either~
    ha, saw you online yesterday on fb, but was too busy chatting w/ others..~~ :pP

    not much actually, but life's kinda more exciting than it used to be.. xD
    how about you? :D
    still living at your friends house?

    haha, i'm thinking of travilling around the world once i finished school...so i can improve my english/french/vietnamese skillz...~ dunno where i should get tha money for the travelling though...

    you should totally get your own flat so i can stay there and improve my french k thx x3
    It's okay, I guess. I've never really had a normal schedule. They hired me specifically for the weekend shift, but they had me working regular hours for a long time. I just got too used to it.

    I wonder if I can get away with listening to teen music. The rock radio stations around here all seem to be stuck in the 90's rock era. Of course, that's probably because only old people listen to the radio.
    The new place is okay. It's smaller, and I couldn't move my desk in, so that kind of sucks. It needs some repair work done too. I work permanently on weekends now. So, basically, when everyone else I know wants to hang out, I'm working. When I have time off, they're all working.

    Jack's Mannequin is a band I keep hearing about, but I've never listened to any of their stuff.
    Lol. Moms. I think almost everyone has to go through it. It will even out eventually. My mom didn't like it when I moved out. There's this adjustment period that, while it doesn't really end, it does lessen in severity.

    My life's the same. Thanks for asking. Recently moved a little closer to my job. That's why I haven't been on too much. Still trying to mod UB, but I don't have as much Internet time as I used to.
    Eh? What's that you say? Speak up, son.

    I thought your life would get less bland now that you've moved out. Don't you have a job too? How's that going?
    owahhh kenken you actually check smashboards every once and again?

    how have you been?
    i sometimes see you online on fb but usually have no time to chat (work johns) so i never say hi... >.>

    anyway lemme hear from you or so... (>' ')> <3
    Thanks. I'll be checking in on UB more than I used to, I guess. Good luck with your pops. I know you two didn't have a good relationship.
    Hey, Ken. No time, no see. What's up? I'm actually a discussion leader, which is a step down from a mod. But thanks just the same.
    Ah, I checked it yesterday morning... Sorry, I wanted to wait until almost everything was resolved... Which just happened earlier today.

    I'm currently at home for Spring Break and for some reason our internet connection is extremely slow... The front page of Smashboards took minutes to load. I should update the thread within a day or two. And thanks for caring, lol.
    lolwut, again? :laugh:

    You know, i'm certainly not the type of person who goes "Kyyaaaa! >.< Sooo cute!!" everytime i see a baby. i mean,
    those pics are reaaally <33333333
    also, everytime i seem you in a pic i wanna poke your cheek...dunno why! xD

    from what i know about you (which is lil to nothing)...i can imagine both sides of you...sort of.^^
    need to talk to you more so that i really get to know you! :D

    oh this is embarrassing if im wrong but are you the one on the right side?
    its hard to guess cuz that person is hiding his...mouth xD

    I wrote no new blogs, because I don't really have anything worth saying tbh. :p And I felt that Teran should be given a bit of a break. :laugh:

    I've given up Brawl now, instead diverting attention to the awesome Tekken 6, but I still come here for the social threads...
    nah it's okay, you told me you wouldn't be here that often :]

    lol i will next time.added chu btw.
    and OMG sooo cute pics!! xD sorry for stalking your album :p
    mini-you is so adorable! XD

    well, that's fine i guess. as long as there are ups..:D
    you seem to be sorta emo sometimes but as far as i can tell you're a really nice person and people seem to like you :]
    make sure you keep them...i know someone who has lost most of his friends because they felt that he didn't spend enough time with them..

    i have a really weird facebook profile pic, and i thought you saw me in a old msn pic?
    the days when my comp still worked...T___T
    anyways, maybe i've just eaten too much lately :p haha

    *sends hug to canada* later, man^^
    Hey Kenley, Happy late valentines day^^

    Btw, are you on facebook perhaps?

    So I’m sitting here in the library, starving. D:
    Wished my comp worked again D:
    And when I’ve finished this vm imma go buy something to eat :joyful:

    How have you been lately?
    Did you go out more? :3

    On a random note, I got my hair cut! XD
    Now I look older and fatter. Lololololol
    I hear it’s bad for you if you cut your hair at the beginning of a year…@_@
    Dammit! XDD

    Did you celebrate new years this weekend?

    Alrighty that’s it for now,
    Imma drop by later again X3
    Don't sweat it, my friend. I knew what you actually meant. I was just teasing you a bit. :p

    I'm very, VERY glad that you've been enjoying my work, and I'll keep at it. Thanks again for the very kind words. :)
    It made me giggle a little bit that at the end of that message, you called me "man." :)

    In all seriousness, though, thank you very much for your kind words. I hope you enjoyed my writing, and got something out of it, as well. :bee:
    Well, sounds like you made an impression. I don't even know what else to say. Some people have insecurities.

    Good night, Ken. We'll talk again later.
    I have time on Friday nights because I have no social life.

    "Stupid teenagers' stories"?

    Maybe you shouldn't read depressing blogs when you're depressed. The effect just snowballs. But then, you wouldn't know that they're depressing until after you've read them, huh?
    Aww, why you gotta be so pessimistic

    Good to hear you've gotton over her.
    Lamenting over past trials is never good.

    As for me, I've been alright.
    Taking off a semester at college to find work n' stuff.
    So most of my future downtime comes down to writin' up applications which hopefully leads up to work, lol'n at Brawl wifi, playin' the MGS series, SWF and hangin' with friends.

    *hopes to find job to make spring productive*
    yeah XD Nah, you made a good guess lol =P
    Nice! What do you plan on going into?

    Probably later on. I'm just a first year engineer so I'm taking general courses. XD Get to dabble in everything.

    Naww you we're close =P

    Are you still in high school?
    Not really. Atm, i'm studying to become an engineer. Programming just happens to be a course I have to take =P
    lolololololol XD Seems like it.

    kay. I don't go on msn too much though. I'm just on campus doing some programming and I get side tracked a lot, so I usually only pop by facebook and swf. XD
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