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  • well my parents do pay me 10 €/10$ a day which means about 12 hours work
    i dont get pocket money, but
    its pretty ok since i dont like shopping or spending money that much
    vietnamese parents are mostly strict... but i wouldnt lie to my parents
    i cant, i have a really strong guilty conscience....

    so your superficial huh?:chuckle:hahahaha
    thats fine enjoy your life to the fullest n stuff....^^

    btw i am, cant deny it hehehe

    written at ~11:13PM
    ... and has been received at today 07:39PM^^
    my daily routine is
    wake up
    work at my parents restaurant
    come home tired
    yeah that was pretty much it
    so boring, i never go out, i dont like shopping(im a girl but dont like shopping????) yeah and in my freetime i help at my parents restaurant....
    so i have no time to go out.......
    wow...im a geek and a loser.....:(
    yeah thats funny^^
    my parents are really strict,im actually im not allowed to be in front of tha computer(@weekend is ok), they lock it with a PASSWORD........ i know i cant control myself, im ADDICTED(somehow;))
    i always hafta guess the password right... hehehe
    they dont know that and thats why i cant risk staying up too late, they always come home @about midnight...

    well now its... 20 to midnight..
    this->:) is good(youre good at staying awake arentya)
    goodnight, imah go to bed soon...(my parents dont allow me to be in the internet that long...
    geez im 17!!!!)
    3.32 am and you were still awake????!!!!
    i bet you looked like this^^
    (if your were a dog, i mean:chuckle:)
    yeah i still have 3 weeks school...
    Well, if someone said you looked hideous, and thats obviously there opinion, yes its an opinion, but a rather negative one. I said it out of defending killjoy, somewhat, and my opinion as well.
    You'd have to say something really ****ed up about me personally to even make me raise an eye brow lol. Dun worry about it
    i just wondered a smash master sent me a friend request^^
    but true the more the merrier(though quality is more important than quantity, i think...)
    Have a nice day!
    Don't sweat it. It'll pass. You just gotta give it time. When I missed my chance with the girl I told you about, I was bummed for weeks. I still had a semblence of a chance because I saw her every Wednesday, but couldn't get over the fact that I messed up my chance. Time went by and I still couldn't manage it. I still saw her every now and then after she hooked up with another guy, but that didn't help me feel any better.
    I got over it after a while and think nothing of me talking to her now. It's just gonna take time. It may be longer than you want it to be because of what happened between you two, but it'll pass. Just try not to linger or dwell on it. It'll pass.
    None of my friends really know about how much I love video games, especially Nintendo :P

    It actually does make sense. I was part of the social group for a while, but I didn't like it very much. Rumors and the like were common. They also found the dumbest things funny. Plus, the girls were always so stuck up and only talked to you when they wanted to. I've known this one girl for 3 years and usually see her every Wednesday at youth group. We would talk every now and then and even share a laugh. But when she started going to my school, she would ignore me. I said "hi" to her twice in the halls and she ignored me both times. She then tries to make a conversation with me one Wednesday but I only respond with the basic "yes" or "no". I wasn't going to play that game where I'm just a convenience. She's cute and a good person, but she worry's me sometimes. I'm not one to keep a grudge :P

    Getting too involved in a click or group of friends is odd. It really just depends on the kind of group. You have your goths, punk, geeks, jocks, etc.
    Getting too involved in any of them has their own specific high points and downfalls. I've been called: punk, emo, rocker, gangsta and vato (think hispanics in L.A.). If I had to catigorize myself into a group, it'd have to be geek. I have friends who pertain the all of the following groups above. I don't limit myself to hang out only with certain people. I like variety. My closest friends are all different. None are alike. But they have certain aspects about them that make them great friends. that's just my 2 cents.
    I was thinkin' about getting Brawl+, but I'm not willing to go to all that extra effort when I'm getting a lot better with regular Brawl. I mostly just want the texture hacks.
    Even I question how much time I should spend on video games. I love games like GH and Rock Band, but I only play those every now and then. I've always been a Nintendo fanboy, so I'm always playin' their good games.

    Well, friends aren't made over night. At least most of the time they're not.
    Just because you lost a great friend doesn't mean you should just give up. You never know when you're gonna find true friends later in life. Everybody's got a few friends that are just there to have fun. I've got a few "friends" that I would never reveal anything personal about myself to. Good friends are made when you open up to them. Don't just give up.
    I'm doin' quite good. Ate me a sammich so today's goin' well.

    Maybe you should fun stuff so you're not always bummed out. That's what I always do. It'll make you feel better, even if it's for a moment.
    Yeah, I've got one week left too. w00t
    Finals and that's it. Diploma.
    Hmm, being bipolar isn't the coolest thing. I've got this one friend who's always depressed for whatever reason and the next day, he's all happy about something. He also isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but whatever.
    Yo, what's up man?
    Haven't been on as lately as I wanted to because of school. At least High School will finally be over . . . and then comes college T_T
    I was looking over the last message you sent me and noticed that you said you were talking with her. What's up with that?
    It's always good to write stuff down. It serves as a healthy outlet rather than keeping everything dwell up inside. Keep everything hidden then it builds up which is never good.
    Well I use Xat to talk to my MYM pals, but other than that, I don't use messengers much... noone to really talk to most of the time.

    And yeah... I pretty much avoid that douche now... sadly a lot of my "friends" are kind of like him. I'ld say that I only have two good friends (and no I am not yet counting her, as it isn't a mutual friendship yet.)
    No no no... she doesn't have a sadistic attitude... if she did I wouldn't want her. She's sweet. Like... I see her as being the closest thing to perfect I have ever witnessed in a girl, and yet she has a big flaw that every other girl seems to have, she doesn't want me (yet). The one I was referring to was one of my oldest "friends". I had blindly been a loyal friend, only to be stabbed in the back again and again and again just so he could get a laugh from more the "cool" people.

    And no, I don't have MSN... I might try it though.
    Now why would I want to change myself as a whole? My inner qualities are all that I have going for me right now.

    And you really shouldn't be suicidal.. I have depression and quite possibly autism and yet I've never tried to kill myself... I always seem to find a reason why I should give life a chance to work itself out.

    I'll be sure to tell you how things work out. I'm anxious to find out for myself.... If it doesn't work out, then I'll just have to accept that she isn't for me... maybe she can still be my friend in that situation... I could use another friend who doesn't get a sick pleasure out of making me feel inferior. =/
    Alas, I won't have another chance to see her... The school year ended today. I must wait until the next band camp (late july-early August) unless I get lucky and see her at the store or something.

    All I can do now is work out, better my appearance, get a job... prepare for next year when I might actually stand a chance.
    Well... I'm afraid that I don't have her contact info... -_- ... If I had a few more months.... hell, maybe a few more weeks, we could have been close enough for me to ask for her number or something without me appearing to have an alterior motive of some sort. Maybe I'm just really bad about that sort of thing or think to much about it. It would be rather pointless anyway, unless I had gotten an e-mail, MySpace (which I, to this day, do not know how to use), or something that used the internet, as I can't afford a cell-phone yet. I'm trying to get a summer job... I need a phone, a car... money should I ever get a date. As much as I wanted to be with her, I couldn't afford it. :P

    Yeah... I wish I did have a way to see her, because I'm really going to miss having her around for these next 2-3 months. As cliche as it may sound, just having her around made my life not suck so badly anymore... I certainly never thought I would be looking forward to any class or dreading my graduation next year.
    Hey Ryu.

    I got some useful conversation advice from one of my MYM friends, so things have been improving, if only by a bit.

    Sadly, I won't get to see her until next school year.... I am actually not all that excited about summer vacation because of it. =/ I'm going to use this time to make some self-improvements for when next we meet.
    No problem. If you ever feel like talking or whatever and you're bored enough then hit me up.

    Have a good night.
    Well, thanks. :)

    It's nice to know I still have a few good lines left in me... I actually won the Forum Monkey award here back in 2006 under the username of Uncle Kenny. Honestly though, I think KaoS deserved it more. That guy had some amazing one-liners.
    Nah, I just like a reason to befriend someone before I actually do. :)

    Don't be a stranger.
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