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Chris Lionheart

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  • Sounds like you at least sort of know what you're doing, though. I assume your friend doesn't know about this?
    Pretty great. I miss MYM a ton, but the whole missionary thing is actually pretty fun. How's life been treating you?
    "Prepare for the worst, but be there for the best." it says.
    Thinking the way you do is kinda risky. But do as you wish, hopefully things will turn out in your favor.
    You want to chat?
    A bit late on my reply, my apologies.
    I guess we'll have to see about that girl. Just don't get too emotionally invested. You just know you want more than just being her friend. If it turns out wrong, at the very least, you'd be prepared to eat the shock. If it happens the other way around, that would be great.

    Post up a few updates if anything new comes up.

    As for me, I seriously got nobody to look forward to.
    Well, there this saying:
    Once the line is crossed, there's no going back.
    If it doesn't work, don't rub it too hard. Wait to see how she reacts, if she feels awkward. Let it be for a while.

    Don't become too buddy-buddy with her, and build up the relationship in a more "boys to girls" fashion. Hopefully, that's what you're already doing. I don't have much to say, seeing as how there isn't much to say for now.

    No wait, I have something to add.
    Don't invest yourself emotionally, just don't. Not yet, alright? At least, think with your head before making a move. Being impulsive is why people fail most of the time.

    I'm not gonna wish you luck, seeing as how that's the last thing you need.
    I'll be looking forward to your future updates. You wanna reconnect to our old Xet Chat Channel?
    Wow man. I hadn't seen the previous message, what the hell? So lost. My apologies.
    I'm glad you've decided not to go back to her, really. There are plenty fishes in the sea, why going for a single specific one? Heh.

    As for this girl. I don't have much to say for now, hopefully you're going to succeed. If not, learn something from it. Keep me up to date, man. If you had AIM, I'd be soooo glad. It's so much more convenient.

    And huh, since you don't know what to do. Just go along with the flow or something.
    Alright. Hope you'll meet another charming girl soon ;D.
    Guild Wars, I've never played it... It's not free from what I recall, right?
    Haha, I'm glad you're not holding on too tight! If she ever acts in an odd manner with you, I'd suggest backing off a few steps. I'm really glad you're taking this not too hard, really. Just start looking around for girls ;). Just today, I managed to get a date for tomorrow. Haha.
    Hopefully, I won't get knocked out because of my vaccination!

    So anyway, other than that. What's been up?
    Hey, I'm sorry for never answering. I'm just never on the comp lately, and when I am... Not on these forums.
    Well hey, about the gaming laptop. It's awesome man! I've never thought you could get something with no interest xD.

    About the girl, I'd suggest not trying to "patch it up".
    There are a lot of fishes in the sea. You're better off trying somebody else. Just go check some very recent girl blogs in the UB, you'll have lots of reasons to do so. I hope you're not depressed anymore, and good luck with whatever you're doing bro. Just... don't be too stubborn. It's not that this girl ain't worth it, it's more like being so young while dedicating so much care for a girl is not worth it.
    Hey, well.
    I'm sick and should be sleeping, but happened to visit SWF for a little moment.
    I'll reply you again after I wake up.

    If we could get on Xat or something, that would be even better.
    Hey, Chris. It's been a while. Things have been going the same as always.
    Ups and downs, busy busy busy. Homework, stress and dependence. I've been working on my things more slowly lately, which hurts my grades and organization a lot. Anyway, disregard this. Let's talk about your stuff.

    I'm very glad that you're improving. I've known a lot of guys who were more talk than balls. A gaming laptop is pretty cool, but you should be careful with your money. After all, you told me about your situation. On that note, I hope things are progressing for the best.

    I love writing and reading too, I guess it's a point in common we've got now, haha... I'll be sure to check it out by bedtime, I hope you'll always continue. Every time somebody quits on writing, it kills me a bit inside, heh.

    And now, the cherry on top of the cake. Kelsey and Chris, K n C.
    I'm glad you're advancing on it, I had feared that you were going to chicken out (no offense), seeing as how 99% of everybody I've talk to have done so. Remember not to enter her friend zone, if you aren't already. You'd have hell of a bad time...

    As for the homecoming dance, don't sweat it. Just ask her casually. The more you seem nervous on it, the more she'll see your lack of confidence. Which is a no-no.

    I'll ask you a simple question, that'll help you answer yourself.

    Do you want to stay friends with her and maybe regret not asking her out? Or do you not see yourself in the future with her being only friends?

    That's for you to decide man, don't give up.
    Keep me up to date man, and I'm sorry for not going on XAT at all anymore.
    Let's chat some more, thanks for the message.
    Thing is, how could I know in which Chatroom are you? There are so many of them!
    In any case, let's make a chatroom for ourselves as you've said. That'd be more simple lol.

    Would you like to have glory? Fame? Riches? If so, the Pikachu Survivor Game is for you!

    The Pikachu Survivor Game is a trivia game that is much like Survivor. There are challenges to win marvelous items such as:

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    Spear of Revenge - Whoever wins the Spear of Revenge gets to select three people who they think would make really great Pikachus. After they’ve been selected, the next Pikachu roll occurs only between those three people, while everyone else gets to watch the pleasure.

    The Challenge Trap – This is a mean, mean trick you can use on people that just seem to be winning too many challenges. If you get the Challenge Trap, you can use it at any time you like, but once there are only three people remaining, it will disappear. This is definitely one of those things that can’t be taken into the endgame. When you want to use your Challenge Trap, you will silently and quietly create your own challenge with your own created questions and answers, and then secretly PM it to me. When Challenge time comes around, your challenge will be up there and look like a very authentic one, but anyone who goes for it and submits the answers… will find themselves becoming a Pikachu instead.

    Winner recieves a free download of any Virtual Console game less than 2000 Wii Points, bragging rights, and the chance to laugh at everyone else who has become a Pikachu.

    Join today!

    Ouch... I've never liked school personally.
    And Death Note's pretty good, huh? I followed it when it was still airing in Japan, with english subs.

    As for the afterschool job, how old are you already?
    Why would you need it so bad? Your parents are gonna make you pay a rent or something?
    Anti-Christian? I imagine more people 'round here are like MT; they can respect people's opinions without agreeing with them.
    That only meant to be brave. I didn't mean it literally LOL.
    Incompetent or not, you can do it. I know you can, as long as you want.
    If you do know what you will most likely do... Then push your *** a bit :). Try doing it differently. I'd suggest you try little by little, gradually. If you wait 'til the last minute, that'll just stress you much more. I wouldn't mind letting a girl pull the strings at times either. But that how it is :(.

    Anyways. Hope you'll succeed.
    I don't know you much, but you seem like a pretty cool guy ;).
    See ya around.

    Keep me up to date if anything happens. :laugh:
    Oh, man.
    You better grab your balls with your 2 hands and go to her. :laugh:
    Remember, humiliation is worth the try. Don't make her feel things like: Hey, I'm a friend. You can trust me :O. / Try something that'd give off that vibe: I'm a trustworthy guy. We can hang out whenever you feel like. You know what I mean?

    That deadline's plenty man. Don't worry, just do something and stop choking.And yes, no use fearing embarrassment from a group you won't know for long ;). Good thinking, good philosophy.

    You can become whoever you want. You could still become the one you want even without her. That's... if you do try, indeed. Well anyways, I wish you the best of luck man. I'll tell you this: Moderation never tasted as good. Have some confidence.

    And Be there for the best, but prepare for the worst.
    Otherwise, you'll end up being girls' puppet. Just like me a while ago.
    Well in any case, I trust you will do it. I believe in you man, as long as you've tried... That's all cool.

    Sometimes, things aren't meant to be. So don't force things out either.
    Owh man, Chris! It's been a while man.
    Good to hear that everything's right. I don't know what to answer exactly other than "It's been long! Good to hear that you're alright!" x_x.

    I'm actually trying new products for my acne too. Hopefully, I'll find a really good one :urg:. If you need to talk or anything, I'm there. Aight? I hope that you can get the girl. Don't use the 'I'm your friiiieennnd 8D" tactic for too long. Otherwise, you'll really end up only being her friend forever.
    Wasn't talking about your post, was talking about your line "if it's true that you didn't enjoy it" or something. I just wanted to clarify that and why I reacted like that.
    Just saw your post in MYM. To clarify:
    I didn't really enjoy what I was doing. I did it because I had to, since it was my responsibility as a leader to review stuff. I enjoyed it in the beginning, but not anymore later.

    I still continued to contribute to the thread - despite not really much - and still tried to be a good leader, not to mention the whole crap that I did backstage, with maintaining the moveset list, the review queue, and assigning people to do reviews and get **** done, sparking discussion about important topics (ending date, for instance). That's all I had done and that wouldn't have been done - or only half as dedicated - if I wouldn't have been slamming my fist on the table and get them to work.

    You can see it yourself, Rool and Kibble are slacking, the new leaders outside of HR and my own self are, as well.

    And then I tell people to read the first ****ing post with the god**** rules and get **** into my face. Really, I don't want to put up with this whole crap anymore. I pour my heart into this community, and instead of a "thanks" or "good work", I just get a "You ******* are yourself, GTFO".
    Well, if it's possible to chat through ebuddy in any ways possible, if you need to talk.
    We could work something out ;).
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