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Elder Sister
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  • Sorry, I asked to be banned until I'd gain steady access to the interwebs again.

    Thanks for the congratulations, really brightened my day when I logged back in after a really long time. Happy birthday to you too, even though I'm about 2,5 months late.

    And this has to be the most belated reply ever... I don't even know if you visit the site anymore.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Elder Sister ^__^! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of happiness in it ^__^! Make sure you eat a lot :D!
    darn I missed your birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (better late then never?)
    I'm sorry :(
    Aaaw, thank you! Just your thought of making me a present makes me happy. xD And yeah, I went home and visited my family for my birthday. Took a few very-well-deserved days off and did nothing during the weekend. :D
    Wow, time flies by so quickly. I've posted on your wall a month ago already...
    Sorry for the late reply! My life is essentially the same as yours! I need to find a job since I was replaced 2 months ago :/... I don't get how my friends all get jobs easily (and quit) while I'm looking for a long-term job and can't find jack.

    See ya around!
    Colour your current avatar's clothes green. =)

    I've been pretty good. Failing at exams, being lazy at home and so on. Also, I got invited to a special pre-release event of 3DS tomorrow. I'm just not sure if they registered my confirmation message, but oh well...

    How about you? Still busy with school and stuff?
    I don't really do much on Valentine's Day either except hang with a few friends. xD

    The character is from ToP. Cless Alvein. Although that cut in is from TotW:RM2
    Damnnn, sorry. I've completely left the Smash scene and stopped checking on this website X_X. I've also deleted my Facebook account because it basically burnt my free time whenever I stood there and thought: Okay, what to do?

    How have you been?
    Happy new year to you too!

    Also, I think I know the sandwhich maker you're talking about. In fact, we have one of those (or similar to it) too. I used to eat sandwhiches made with it all the time few years back. They're just so good!
    Responding 9 days late ooooooooh yeah! (I blame school)

    My current profile pic is truly nothing short of epic, and it's all thanks to Hedgedawg. He changed my pic into that after there was discussion about Hatsune Miku in the social. Aah, good memories.

    Being mainstream is boring anyway. It's much more exciting to explore the vast array of experiences and emotions offered by books nobody has ever heard nor will ever hear of.

    You mean sandwichmaker as in... a machine that makes sandwiches for you? How does that even work?!?
    So I just had a weird dream
    I forget how it started, but I was driving you home in this mini-van my parents have
    You were saying your stomach hurt cuz you ate some tostadas (fried tortilla) with chopped meat
    I suggested it was probably the meat undercooked. You agreed.
    Then you wanted to give me $20 for some reason
    I refused, you insisted. You went home. I went to a store to find Machoke and Machamp costumes lol
    No, I cannot buy anything this year, no job.
    However I'm always available for my family and I'm looking forward to the loud happiness of them all for Christmas ;3

    Nyc hasnt been hit by snow yet but we will be getting it by Sunday ;~;
    I dont mind the cold but cannot stand snow! :bear-hug for warmth: Have a lovely weekend Sister!
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