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  • Yes, it's called Me Voy by Julieta Venegas

    The song itself is wonderful but the video is even better along with it
    hmm....prego..prego... ok ok u shimfilmflamury me there but still, mew and arf? pffft gareshunanrif :p put me in a betherger and throw away the meat! but on the 4realz, come on...arf? *gives u a hug for being ignorant* there! that should send this debate. lowell, youz a funny female human species <3

    I wrote you a poem to express my uh..feelings >_>...

    Its called.. OZEHBABY!


    how your gleshkaes glimer in da nebulon
    your niskles, your neskles, is beyond all contrast
    gsfiognsigsrnirn rihnwrihgsrnripwhghwrii prrhnwripghrwip
    but thats only...only...because I EVOL u

    only...only...because i EVOL u...

    Ah, you seem to forget that yalpp as described by shakespear, does not have any connection to ice COLD tea, rather that would be backslashimmunity, it's quite obvious you haven't been reading your quran.

    also, let me slittle the kirfrinedjine abit here, if u even TRY to x2 a krifinedjine you wont even have an "Arf" to begin with, thus, googlaamonskiplakity to ur explaining Uchiha Nuong.
    but if mew mew mew mewwie mew like te barkin raymore & flanigan, it would be impossible to giffywan, or "arf" as u say. Care to back up your theory my dear?

    It was absolutely incredible!
    I feel all tingly and estatic all over

    I honestly didn't expect something like that

    Thank you ~sooooo♪ much for the wonderfully awesome gift, Nuong!
    I added you on skype... So like... you should totally be there when I serenade people... xD
    Thanks very much!
    Look at my cute little Zangoose avi, it's not intimidating at all! :(
    you mean like country of origin?

    lots of places... I'm a mutt lol.

    I'm mostly spanish filipino and italian though.
    I'm doing well, just started school about a week ago, sucks having to wake up so early in the morning again lol. how about you?
    I'm near perma-pink since Yellow is such a dull color
    I wanna be special

    Anyways, I sure hope you figure it out
    I'd help, but alas, I'm rather fail with computer tech stuff D:
    Maybe the file type has something to do with it?

    Hope you somehow fix it
    A super ban? :o

    I thought about doing so a few times as well because of the time consumption, but after that month long ban it's not much of a problem.

    The anniversary was pretty fun. I logged on near the end of the day, but they kept it up for about a week. The most interesting thing for me was finding out Azua is pronounced Ay zuwa and not Ah zuwa >_>
    lmao i totally understand. that's why i kinda left in the first place. Ironically though... a lot of my real life friends are on here now XD
    It would be cool if we could have doplegangers so that our other self could be on here while the other half did other stuff.

    I getchu though.

    The title is for the swf 10th aniversary. You just go to group memberships and join the group like any other membership. They said it was only accessable one for one day but there might be a chance it is still there.
    That's great =D!

    Do you still have to go to the library to get online?

    I've been alright. School just started and biz.
    Why you gotta make me feel so sad?

    First you confuse me with finding you on Facebook and now you can't finish my present


    Ima go be all emo now
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