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  • It's bad if you take it that way. I just lol'd and changed my avatar to something not girly. It's so good I just might keep it:laugh:
    Silly girl, visit the blogs.

    heartz  [hahrtz]
    –verb (used without object), heartz'd, heartz⋅ing.

    1. to intentionally "blindly" identify one who uses a feminine avatar, signature, name, and/or theme (in other words, emits a feminine vibe) on web forums as a female, even though they have been clearly stated male; to powderpuff (slang); to pull a prank as Heartz.

    It's cuz of my old avatar. At least now it looks better cuz it has guns.
    Greetings from k**** rel . . . . . . that nickname's not gonna work.
    btw I was just Heartz'd the other day -_-
    modest? i never thought i was that. i just treat people the way i would want to be treated. thanks for the complement.
    yeah, i don't know why people like me though i didn't think i'm a popular type of guy.
    Haha! I get props for guessing your ethnicity!
    . . . and so I still got the nickname . . . at least I'm kinky . . . IN AMERICA! (Quoting crappycola who quoted bandit keith who was voiced by Dan Green)
    me is german mexican french lil irish and sumthin else i forget tho.......
    Thank you. :3 You have a lot of friends too! :O

    My avatar is my favorite character from Fire Emblem, her names Sophia. There's why I named my account after her~
    This is the part where I make a really awesome entrance...and...completey goof up because the sound crew fails...

    Hi there!:)
    thats not me in the vid its jus something i found online and i is ehh 15 me and mgw can brawl you at the same time lol KILL MGW I KILLS HIM DEAD.
    seems like mgw has got your wi-fi started wanna brawl later i must warn you tho my lazors destroy everyone this was me at a birthday party....

    thanks for the greeting i'm glad you thought about me. i see your thread is getting pretty popular. well, i'll be seeing you around and maybe we'll brawl soon.
    0k, when you put on your wii, go to the left-bottom hand corner and click the button that says wii.

    next:click wii settings

    next:there are three pages to choose from, go to page 2. click where it says internet, then input your pin number.

    next:click connection settings

    next:click search for access points.

    next:there will be names with locks and without locks, keep clicking try again until you get a unlocked one.

    next:click unlocked one

    next:wait while it ssays testing connection.

    keep moving it to different places 2 see more unlocked ones. if it works, it should say test connection was sucessful.

    there will be a yes and no at the bottom, click no. once you did that, go to brawl, go 2 wifi connection, then press yes, if you get that far ill tell you the rest.

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