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  • hey sophia
    you dont seem to be here so often but i still wanted to greetya since i always like receiving any kinda notification..;) so how are ya doing?[IMG]
    I'm glad school is out for you!
    I hope you enjoy your vacation!
    and hope it's not as wet were you are as it is were I am :)
    the school system in germany is different than in the us...
    we have a 2-week-vacation on eastern, christmas, winter and so on, thats why i hafta go to school till july!:(
    were your exams satisfying?
    im fine and you?
    i guess youre happy cuz you got your wii back^^
    thank you for your post!
    my father always locks the internet, im sittin in a library to be here...
    so i kinda know how you felt(without your wii)
    hey you did it
    you have alot of friends already for being so new^^good job
    who is your ava?
    have a nice day
    yeah, i wish we could play some more too.
    good games anyway.
    oh well, maybe next time :]
    Yeah, idk how that happened either =/ And you have a great Ness for someone who started so early. I myself fail at dittos anyway, but there's definately potential in your Ness. Keep up the good work =)

    Btw, the Meet and greet arena made a chat for some of the people that attended the Meet and greet arena regularly, but it was made a long time ago, and a lot of people have joined. http://xat.com/newarenaforbrawl
    You'd be a hit since we have 2 other ness mains including myself there =) Ness ftw.
    ...a usd he he i ever confused both well i play it a few few years ago so maybe i don't remember very good.

    Sure thing im happy for be friends, and well about that well no one ask it except you so no many know's that i know that and well for a good tip of fire emblem5 sara is one of the best characters she are a thief first later you can evolve fher in to a thief master and in a gaiden chapter she can be usefull for another thief master join and went she talk with him she change to dancer with that change lose stats but she can have all hp and all stats and run more than the mount units with that change went you have it to ten or high level she can evolve again to thief master but she loss the dancer's skill but with that evolve again she can stole and have a pretty good stats

    Yes it was! Have a good night sleep!
    Thanks again. :)
    Now that you've added me expect silly spam.
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