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  • Hey Judge! Happy Thanksgiving ^__^! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner that's full of happiness ^__^! Thank you so much for making my first sig, and make sure to eat a lot this Thanksgiving :D! I hope to talk to you soon ^__^!
    Hey cutie ;DDDDD
    How goes the ****** in Smash?

    JUDGE!!!! I've missed you so much ^__^!!!!!! How've you been? I bet you're still making cool pics ^__^!! I'm sorry for not saying Hi more often, though :(. I should say hi more often to ya, I haven't talked with you in a while ^__^! Well, I hope to see you again real soon, JUDGE ^__^.

    And thanks for what you said, it means a lot to me, JUDGe ^__^ (no homo either XD).
    hahah well, as you can see, i havent been here in quite some time myself! not sure why, but i just left and didnt return.. but hopefully im back now! not really for posting or anything though, just for major lurking and talking to people like you, DB, DS, ect

    as for brawl, yea i still play, but people here are waaay competitive, and i realized thats not the way i wanna play, so i really dont go online much anymore. my good friends and i just pick up the game whenever we get together! haha! plus, i suck worse now than i did 6 months ago lol

    life is fine! tthings have been changing.. mostly for the better though, so everything is good! how about you? whats new?

    and woooww that was a long time ago! hahah thats extremely funny!
    Doin' well. Yeah I did haha, but I still play it on occasion if I get bored. Now I have other interests which occupy my time.
    How're you?
    lol nice xD i'll defenetly be sure to check em out :) hey did you know you can uptilt out of a dash on a platform? so cheese lol, its basically a sliding uptilt, very hard to do though
    ohhh lol okay cool :] What pros do you have over there in germany?

    no unfortunately :( i shoulda recorded one of the onlnie tourney matches hey did on AiB yesterday though. Got 2nd out of 42 :)
    Sorry for the delayed response. It was very much my pleasure to play against you. And although I don't really play Brawl anymore, I'm very glad that you've improved and really made something out of yourselves in the game. Maybe sometime we can play online again and you can 3-stock ME. :)

    Anyway, feel free to drop me a line anytime. I'll try to remember to check these forums every now and again.
    Haha no I didn't go to apex, Mintyflesh used my Tag ( mr-r ) in the last tourney he went to, so i did the same XD

    AND YES im very interested, the german community was awesome and i will defintely come back again ^^
    thanks but i wasnt as good xD my friend said hed give me the video of me vs. chaz tomorrow so ill upload it and show u cuz like after i lose my 2nd stock i start ****** and got him to his last stock ^_^
    all i know is one is uploaded to youtube but it was a dbls friendly and it was when i was bad xD you can try to find some dunno if xaltis uploaded the recent ones =/ Loli(Pit) you can check =/ now i wanna too xD
    Ah. you're english isn't that bad and....peach,zelda/sheik or yoshi...ew no xD i main pit/zss xD i played zss first but then played pit xD i likes them both but im trying to get my pit rlly good ^_^ and thanks i am nice xD
    Oh...I have a question are you Judge the MK main? or have i never heard of you and u only wrote me cuz of my bf? xD
    xD Yes I do actually play smash ^_^ I'm not good tho :( BUT i will get better :) I got 9th at ravyns tourney and lost to chaz and ravyn >_> oh wells at least i can tell i improved (im at the thinking while playing hardcore stage) :3 OH and i main pit :)
    Naja, kann schauen... Ich bin in Mainburg, des ist sehr nah an Freising und Regensburg (ca. 40km nord vom Muenchen)... Von daher ist es saudumm, nach berlin zu kommen. Aber ich kanns jedenfalls versuchen. :lol:
    daz a guud :D.

    oh okay that's awesome. Yeah I know what cha mean T.T especially the school part, it sucks now that were going back as well, i wanna stay homeeee >.<. lol but yeah, hopefully good timnes shine through from here on out :)

    I've been.........tired...pretty much sums that up. summer was okay, stayed at home mostly all the time, got back into brawl, watched lots of anime, hang with friends from time 2 time.
    2 time i got that response 2day xD. Ive been sweel, took a long break from smash but now i iz back :) how u been bro diddly?
    Thanks for the shoutout. And I haven't forgotten anyone who has come to the Mario boards. I hope to use my new resources to continue expanding my knowledge of this game.
    finally added you on facebook. lol i had to dig up one of my pics for my profile and stuff though.
    Well, I'm too lazy to drive across my state, especially if I'm going to pay $20 to lose not including gas. XD
    *needs to re-activate it* i'll remember to add you once i get it back up with a new pic and stuff.
    *exactly 10 days later*
    that's what i mostly do now and days. xD I don't really play wifi anymore so that's all i do here(them offline tourneys are too good)

    I fell for the trap x.x
    While you were gone i got into college so i'm stuck with loads of schoolwork.
    I did post another pic there a while ago.......it probably got buried with the rest of the pics. lol
    kinda hard taking pics with a webcam that's built-in to your laptop but i'll try again sooner or later. I need a pic for my facebook anyways.

    >__________________________________> you just had to remind me. always had most post count than me. :laugh:
    Yeah, I've been one for a few months now, the Poke Center and Pool Room have more activity than most of the other boards here so it's easy to rack up posts there.

    I still main Mario, but now I have Fox, Pikachu, and DeDeDe as major secondaries (they were tertiaries before, I had only secondaried Yoshi and Falcon before, I still use them regularly though).

    One of the things that I find funny is that I'm better with Mario than Luigi even though I can Cyclone recover and Sweetspot the UpB nearly each time. XD

    I've also been practicing Cargo Holding with DK, it's almost as useful as the one in the original, but the opponent can jab out of it if they know which direction they'll break free (which is why you have to keep spinning while holding them).
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