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sammy p
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  • Sammy, my good man! It's been forever! Haha, send me a message and let me know how you holiday season was! We gotta catch up a LOT haha!!! :D
    OMG SAMMY!!! I haven't talked to you in so long XD! How have you been? I hope we can talk again soon XD!

    Well, I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Sammy ^__^! I hope you have a Thanksgiving Dinner that's full of happiness ^__^! Make sure to eat a lot :D!
    Aww, that's a shame. I ain't givin' up hope on hangin' out with ya sometime, man! Lemme know whenever you got a crash course with the West Coast! :)
    ah yeah we only got everything because went there twice haha. olivanders was pretty cool, didnt miss much though. B&B was just sort of like a gift shop really.

    You got to go into Honeydukes though right?...RIGHT???
    Hahaha, everything was amazing. Except the first day my gf and i didnt know that they were giving out 'come back later passes" so we waited an hour and a half just to get in the Harry Potter Section >_>. When we went back we got those though haha. The rides were freaking incredible. Everything looked very real and really amazing. I wanted one of those drawstring bags that had one of the house symbols on it haha, but no cash to spare :(
    haha everything is great. Just busy with college and stuff.
    I actually went to HP World when I was down in Fl about a month ago. IT WAS EVERYTHING IVE EVER WANTED hahahaha. Like I had somewhat low expectations for what It could be like (just from knowing what the rest of Universal is like) and man I was so happy with everything haha.

    Glad to hear everything is going well with you :D
    ahh i hear you man. I don't play smash much anymore either and if it wasn't for the Premium room or being modded I don't think I'd come back either. Sounds like you've been busy though? Life's good?
    i've been doing well. I've been a mod since...september? Something like that. Where have YOU been :3
    OK ^__^!

    I'll send you my thoughts in a PM sometime. Let me know what you think about it ^__^! And if I do host it, maybe you could co-host it with me, if you'd like ^__^!
    I've missed talking to you too ^__^! I know right!? Time just goes around waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too fast X__X. lol, I'm halfway through my school year too.... Although, I'm happy that I am XD. That's a few months of school that are already behind me :smash:.

    LOL XD.

    And Sammy! I've been thinking of doing a themed tournament.... But I don't know if it'll work... Could we talk sometime about it?
    Everyone says that now lol. People and their fads... maybe it's just me.
    Just Dance 2?
    About two months ago. I'm not sure if my progress would be considered good or not. I just know a few chords and riffs for a couple dozen songs or so atm.
    Do you play an instrument?
    haha take a look what i've found :p

    sammy p 11-20-2009 03:33 AM

    post 800 my friend!
    never thought id say this, but.... IM BEAT YOU!
    (yes im counting this as a cometition)(am i serious?..... not in the slightest )

    hahaha ahhh yeah...the good old times^^
    saaaaaaammmyyy!1! =D
    im fine thx^^
    havn't been very active here for a while, i was hanging out on the german smash boards :)
    ho is it going mate,you still play brawl? have you been to any tournaments yet?
    hows life going?
    btw i am very happy to see you guys havn't forgotten me already ^_^
    Pretty much everything lol. New school, new interests, new friends, etc. Learning to play the guitar and write songs; maybe I could enter the music biz if I get good enough haha. That's the dream anyway.
    Well what did you expect? The entire world to blow up or something?

    Oh and they have new skins, but only for premium

    Besides that I think that's it
    OMG it HAS been too long, Sammy ^__^!!! I'm doing great ^__^!! How are you, Sammy? I've missed you ^__^!

    And yes, Happy New Year ^__^! I can't believe it's 2011 already.... I hope this year is good for both of us ^__^!

    Also... Ummm..... When did SuSa get banned????
    It has been a while lol. Happy New Year!
    I'm pretty good. Quit smash and video games in general. Now I just get on here every so often to see if anything interesting has popped up in the UB or current events.

    How's life?
    Thanks, Sammy ^__^. I hope we get to talk more, though!

    Have you seen the new Tier List? Pit got lowered 5 points >__>. And Fox got raised for the EXACT opposite reason Pit got lowered >__>.

    I can't believe them...
    Hey, Sammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've missed you so much ^__^. We haven't talked in such a long time! I hope we get to talk some more! I should've tried to talk with you more, since you are the first friend I made here T__T. I'm really sorry :(. One of these days, though, I'm sure we'll dominate each other's VM walls again XD. Hope to talk to you soon, Sammy ^__^!
    Well... he's a troll yeah, but only because he got pissed off at every person he knew being too happy all the time lol. But nah, he also sucks as a troll. Mostly every person that actually tries to troll sucks at what they do.

    Anyways, I believe Omnicron doesn't come anymore. I think he gave his account away to someone on the boards here or something
    Nah nah, it's alright

    You know that there are MUCH more worse people than him right? He's a pretty bad troll imo. Don't let it bother you
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