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  • Hello Darling! Are you doing well?
    Randomly lurking on your page just wondering how you are doing :3 dont mean to be creepy if it comes across that way.
    Who isn't looking forward to christmas? I don't think such a person even exists.

    Wow, your parents are quite strict I must say. They don't allow you to go to any parties other than someone's bd and not even to them anymore? Oh well, at least they'll forget they forbid you from going to bd-parties eventually, lol.
    ...then again, mine used to be exactly the same until they realized that there's no need since I never go to parties anyway. XD

    Thanks! I don't think I've posted a picture into this convo before though. I think you're thinking my profile picture from Kakarikos (not the current one though :laugh:). I've never had blond hair either, so you're definitely imagining that. Or maybe you're confusing me with someone else?

    Oh no, you definitely don't want to ask me for advice on must-reads. I have read nearly nothing other than schoolbooks and manga in ages. I've been especially good at avoiding all the big and famous books of the last few years (such as works of Dan Brown and the last Potter). If you like to read funny and light stuff sometimes I can suggest both the works of Terry Pratchett and the Artemis Fowl series, though.

    Also, how dare you abuse mod powers and mess with my previous message :mad: As a punishment I demand you to explain to me what this is about: http://www.pown.it/1269
    o.o They pay for your college over there? That's one heck of a deal there. o.o
    I know.... education in America doesn't come cheap. <_______________<

    I actually plan to pay off my college through scholarships. I've applied for a bunch of those so I'll see just how much money I get from them all! :D
    It's okay, late replies = coolness :cool:

    My life's pretty busy right now too. My next exams are slowly starting, I'll be having mandatory laboratory studies every workday for two weeks and I have a crapton of school-related work to finish.

    Oh man, I was too slow and couldn't borrow you my scarf in time! Well, I hope you had fantastic time at the party without it.
    Now tell me all the dirty details!

    I can't think of anything else to tell about my past right now. You'll just have to wait until something you say reminds me about my childhood again. :awesome:

    To each their own, I guess. I'm wishing your friend the best with his service.

    Now I'm just constantly wondering what experience you had that was so strong you can't believe in people with sunglasses anymore... Anyhoo, here's a picture of me without them:

    I_ i _ h_ m _ p
    G_ t _ a_ o _ o
    _o_ _ _ h_ d _ w
    _t _h _ a _ _ _ e
    _ _ u_ _ _ _ _ r
    _ _n_ _ _ _ _ s.
    I've been good. Running and gunning. Got accepted to a college, but still looking to see what the other college I was looking at has to say. :3 Marie also got accepted to a college recently too. :D

    How have you been?
    Thank you Sister :333
    Im not cool! ;////; thank you so much for the birthday wishes
    I'm not sure, I just kinda write whatever strikes me as being the most fun to write at the time haha. Maybe though!
    Sadly, I won't be able to celebrate the "throw candy at kids" day again. EVER. It's once-in-a-lifetime celebration. ;_;

    Nobody ever appreciates my studying tips even though I'm only trying to help! :sadeyes: Fine, I'll just go sit in the corner and shut up, okay?
    *emo mode activate*

    Lol you reminded me of when I was just a little kid visiting one of my friends for the first time. We were both just over 10 years old or something at the time and didn't really know what to do at first. Then I noticed his family's CD collection and spotted there a CD of one artist who I liked but was mostly popular with the people past their 30s and mentioned it to him, only to find out that he liked that artist too. Then we went on to spend the rest of the day singing duets of his songs and making our families go WTF.
    Aah, good times.

    No, we have the same system as you do: it's either army or Zivildiesnst. However, Zivildienst lasts for 12 months while army can be served in 6, 9 or 12. So, by going to the army I can maybe get out of there sooner.
    Yeah, I'm a real patriot aren't I? :smash:
    they were there like 5000 years ago, but I thought you might not have noticed :facepalm:
    Yeah, it's been awhile! How have you been?

    Nah, I think I'll ask today.
    No, I didn't celebrate Halloween at all. To be more precise, I've never celebrated Halloween, since it in't a true holiday in Finland. The closest thing we have is All Saints' Day (although I don't really celebrate that either). What about you?

    Well, let's see... German is your native language, you don't have to practise that. And history... I bet you know the main points, everything else is extra and can just be deduced using common sense and/or good guesses. So you don't have to practise that either.

    See how much easier I just made your life? ^_^

    Yeah, I sing all the time at home. Although I do have two problems with it:
    1) I have no talent in singing and my singing voice it horrible.
    2) I don't remember any lyrics. Not even the chorus'.
    That's why I only really sing when I'm alone/with my family. But why do you ask? You aren't planning to make me sing something, are you?

    And about the army, it depends on for how long I get assigned there when I start my service on July. So I can't say for sure yet, but I'm heavily trying to get out of there as soon as possible (which would be after 6 months). I just don't see army being my thing, y'know?
    My week wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, but the next week is truly wonderful. I have barely any school, I have no urgent projects to finish and there's a books/food fair during the weekend for me to visit if I want.

    How many exams do you have? And in what subjects?

    Well, whatever it is you wanted to tell me I bet it was something amazingly FUN. I am such a FUN guy, after all. :p
    Nope, I won't be having my next vacation until well into december. Oh well, makes me appreciate weekends that much more.

    Also, three exams next week = death.
    Oh yes, I'll keep repping the pink name until I die! ... or until the prank time runs out, whichever happens first. :p

    And life's been okay, albeit bit busy at times. But it's all good. I just hope I'd have more time to play through all my games and finish all the projects I have underway...

    Aww, so you missed the party. :( Oh well, at least you made some money from work, right? So you can party harder next time!
    Haha, what a good reason that is.

    Life's changed. I've made new friends in College, they're awesome people. But eh, I've been loaded with projects and homework to the point that I don't go out anymore and play on my PS3 like twice a week at most. And yeah, I'll still living at my friend's.

    And that's a pretty cool plan, hope you do travel around the world! I'll get my own place once I get a good income and am out of college. Right now, it's basically impossible!

    I could've said that you could teach me german but I honestly don't have the will to learn it anyway. Hahaha.
    Bummer. :( I've actually been getting more social as of recent. o.o Strange huh? You should convince that social events are for the win. :p

    I graduate May 2011. :3 There are two colleges that I'm really looking at, but I'm applying to four. I want to study Computer Science and Music. :D
    x.x I finally got that whole situation fixed. Ended up changing my password. hah.

    Oh I see. That's nice! :D Anything interesting happen?

    I've been well, making my way through school. Ready to graduate. Applying to colleges and scholarships is getting me more and more excited.
    (/late response)
    Oh really? That reminded me that I almost felt like randomly posting on your FB wall. xD

    How's it been going?
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