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Half-Split Soul

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  • Halli HAllo, was machst du so?
    How are you dooooin'
    Wow SWF changed so much.
    Half-Split Soul
    Half-Split Soul
    Hey! You still exist! =D

    I'm doing just fine, having a rather nice albeit uneventful life. Aber ich habe deutsche Sprache ganz total vergessen. =( What about you? All well and good I hope?

    Also I'm silently laughing in my mind thinking this conversation play out IRL face-to-face situation, both sides taking about a year to answer each other.
    Bakaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! D:< how're you supposed to read this yeahyeahbdayvm
    if you're banned (6 points)?!?!?!

    heut is dein geburtstag, darum feiern wir :D
    alle deine freunde freuen sich mir dir :D
    happy birthday sampoo :D

    i might've been gone for ages, but i'd never forget yar bday hurr xD
    no cake for you this time though. what'd you do to get banned? *shakes head*

    seeyaa~ :D
    haha yah i could do that.... maybe later xD

    wow... i was SOOO SURE that i already replied to your vm days ago. hmmm
    anyway, i totally know whatcha mean.... failing at exams? yeah, me too xD
    being lazy at home? yeah, me too xD
    3DS? nah, but i'm jealous haha. how was it?

    and yes i'm like sooooo busy. the final exams are coming, and i should be preparing for them and... ah well, i'm just so lazy and busy at the same time.
    i can't wait to go out with friends again, once everythings over.... Q.Q i miss it so much.

    how's your (job) life doin.. any other news? :D
    ROAR! And yes I've been so tied down recently. I'm trying to learn this plug-in called dreamscape that lets you make clouds and landscapes and stuff like that, and it's taking up much more time than I thought. Still, the boards are under control it seems =D My subliminal forum posts keep everyone in check :chuckle:

    How are you? We should make some sort of IRC chat for the zeldas!
    woah i just noticed! Q_Q
    i liked it tooo :cry:

    now i gotta find an avi that suits my user color :p

    How have you been :D
    =.= oh really? hmm well, i guess you will be busy with christmas and sylvester and stuff, so you won't have much time for internet anyway. at least that's how it is for me, these holidays are gonna be sooo busy.

    and as for that sandwich maker xD well... you take two toasts and then you put meat and cheese on it or whatever you like, and then you put it in that sandwich maker and it presses them together so you get two double-halfs of toasted toast (if that mnakes sense xD?). the cheese melts inside so it's pretty yummie (and fatty haha).
    it's not really MAKIN a sammich, it's just called like that xD

    Happy Holidays to you too x3
    woah you serious? but i totally have this pic vor meinen augen and i ...can't imagine having mistaken you for someone... xD but now that you mention it, it mustve been in kakarikos pub...i really don't remember haha. but WTF is your current pic hahahaha awesome.

    i'll have a look at them, thanks :D
    haha i havn't read those by dan brown or the last potter either xD i lost interest somewhen after the 4th movie/6th book. and i havn't read any books written by nicholas sparks either...though they're said to be really good. *shrugs* i'm not mainstream :awesome: haha

    as for that link.


    no seriously,
    THE ****.
    IS THIS. !!?!?! hahahahaha
    it was soooo stupid and annoying that i had to keep watching it till the end, waiting for something surprising to happen.

    what a cruel punishment master, i would never have expected anything like THAT haha.
    i've learned my lesson. *nods* xD

    btw, my father bought a sandwichmaker yesterday.
    haha definitely yes :coolmonke

    my exams are almost done, only 2 more to go...yay x3
    also, it's christmas+vacation soon :D i'm looking forward to it x)

    ahaha an yes i had lotsa fun xDD twas a bday party btw (if it was a non-bday-party, they wouldn't have let me go in the first place xDD)
    i think..i'll kepp those details secret muahaha ; )
    though i had to go home quite early :( and since i still got home too late, i am not allowed to go on bdays anymore.. (that's what they say, but they can't actually forbid me can they. they will forget about it anyway xD)

    also i might be wrong but didn't you have blond hair before xDD? i was searching for the pic in our convo, but i think it's gone xDD maybe i'm starting to imagining things xD?
    lookin prew gud ;D

    so im making a list of "must-reads" (like, dramas, novels, like that.) any suggestions :D
    wahh i just realized i havn't replied yet <.<

    weeeell, life's been really busy fro me~ how about you?
    stuffed with exams...and this friday i'm going to parrrttyy (for like 2 hours only cuz i'm not lalowed to stay away for too long haha) so i have to prepare..buying clothes and stuff.
    that reminds me of...didn't you wanna give me your brown scarf or something ;D

    as for the carnival thing, too bad . sounded so fun :DD

    awww i love reminiscing rants :D tell me more :DD

    i have a friend who voluntarily joined the army too... but now he's like 100% convinced of it and.. he's like so passionate about weapons etcetc...so next year he's going to go to afghanistan. O_o bähhhhh i don't want him to go, hell, you can ACTUALLY DIE THERE Q_Q
    good that YOU are such a patriot! :D i approve of your way of thinking .-.

    btw, stilll gotta see you w/o your glasses. :088: i just made an experience that teached me how much different you can look with and without sunglasses.
    haha, sweets aren't good for your teeth anyway. also, you got this "throw candy at kids" carnival day, so we're even xD
    and no...i had to work that day so i missed out on the fun xD

    well, the test sucked and i sucked too. xD
    if i had known that before i wouldn't have learned the whole night for nothing! O_o haha
    as for history...well, main points mayyybe but the details are the most important stuff, no? MY LIFE'S NOT EASIER NOW THANKS :mad088: xD

    1) everyone's singing voice is awesome, in a good or hilarious way. xDDD
    2) HAHAHAHA. *cough*
    welllll, if you WAAANT to sing ;) i'm not forcing you to anything. *cracks fist*
    i think singing is sooo awesome. if i go to a friend's and we don't know what to do except watching youtube vids...we sing. haha
    always turns out funny xD everybody should sing all the time imo xD

    ya ya i understand xD
    i thought you were going to start this year or somthign^^
    well, is army obligatory for you? cuz over here there's army and also zivildienst you could chose from.
    wow did it really take me a week to reply? <.<

    anyway after this wonderful week, how was ur halloween? :D
    partying much? :D

    Ive got an exam in German and History this week =.= actually i should be studying hard but...im just so lazy...oh man what shall i do D:<
    C'mon emo-pie, do u have any tips for me? :D

    haha i remember that xD
    yeah gimme gimme more~
    oh girls just wanna have fun~
    btw do u like to sing? :D

    also when are you going to be done with your army thing?
    how was this week for ya? :D hope you did well with your exams...

    mine will start monday.. =_=

    somehow i wanna tell you somehting but i dunno what. haha
    *pokes cheek*
    haha no, s'all good now xD
    next week there's gonna be a lotta parties, hope i cayn go xD

    i'm fine today's gonna be mad busy cuz i have got a lot of appointments n stuff~

    are you in vacation too? (i think not eh?)
    oh gosh it's true!! we havn't talked for ~ over a month xD

    so how're you? :D still reppin that pink name i see? xD

    heck most of my friends are going to this pary tonight and I'm sittin here at work in the restaurant and ...lurk the net. pity meeee~~ xD

    so, how's life (been)? :D
    *pats back* *coughscoughsemocoughs*

    Hang in there xD
    i'm proud of you! *standing ovation* :D

    what are you studying again? i wish i knew what to study when i've finished high school ...:/ bleh

    as for my summer, well, more or less.
    i've gone through a big emo phase lol
    and a lot of things happened that i don't remember anymore...
    oh and i worked alot

    i actually WANT to go to school again wtf

    i'll have ya know that it was deliiiicous. :3c

    oh look you has 7 friends now. :088:

    soo uhmm, how's life? :D
    lol <3

    haha... welll uhmm, you see...

    like, right after i took that pic ^^;

    you were too slow!! :sonic:
    the 9th of august in the year 1945.

    the atomic bomb "Fat Man" killed hundrets of thousands of people in and around nagasaki.

    and only 46 years later, a (lovely) emo pie was born in the evergreen taiga of finnland! :DD
    Let's all celebrate this glorious day!! <3
    ( i made a mini cake for ya, too bad you can't try it ;))

    Happy birthday Sampoooo <3
    hab dich lieb *glomps*
    Haha! I dunno for certain either. But I believe that different people are drawn to different characters :p Hyrule tier just has way more fans than MK haha!!
    We are the same. I usually use low tier characters but also mid ones. I use ZSS, Peach, Zelda, and Pokemon Trainer.

    Yeah I guess, but still it's a bit rude if you don't answer right. My questions weren't exactly asking for an essay. I'm not mad. I just think certain things should or shouldn't be this way. I wasn't exactly waiting for a response. I just noticed that the person goes online and does other things and doesn't respond when you're trying to be all helpful and friendly.
    Ahh I see. Actually when I joined the group, I was still a bit more enthusiastic about helping. But having a de facto leader who doesn't answer you and seemingly no progress kind of killed my energy but I still wanna help.

    When will our poor Zelda finally get her guide? xD

    Btw, any other chars you main or play?
    Heya HSS, just dropping by :) Any news on how the guide is getting along? I ask Kataefi but he doesn't answer.
    Would you accept my friendship request my (Is this how they refer to people in Finland?) Finnish friend? xD
    Oops sorry my SWF is crashing lately o.o Thats cool my sister just graduated from high school as well! Im just going into High school as a freshman next year : P

    Nothing has changed too much in my life, the only thing im pretty fluent in playing the guitar now (I started at the end of April so I still suck but I can play about 10-15 songs fluently). My ultimate goal is to form a band and perform music someday :D So to help me along Ive made friend with a bass player and Im already friends with someone good at drumset, so Im a decent singer so Im set lol. And Im taking music theory through high school and band so im getting as much music as i can get. Ive been juggling track, crosscountry, and swimming in the meantime too so Im pretty busy ._.
    Not so much as been gone, just no time to be around :( However it is summer now and I have all the time in the world! How have things been?
    lol u gettin teh muscles. lololol

    you should defenitely buy it :mad::mad:
    you don't even have to play it (it's now near as addicting and awesome as part 1) but you should buy it! :088:
    we bought it simply to POSSESS it, we don't play it lool

    xDDD you remember the emo pie!! <3
    you. a dj. rofl.
    <3 teehee

    hmm what do you work as now (i feel like i've already asked you that but w/e)? :3

    loooolwut how can you not finish games :mad088::mad088:
    SHAME ON YOU!! :mad:
    j/k i think that's just me, i always finish one before i buy/play the next one...though i never finished ToS2. it's not near as good as ToS.

    hehe yes no maybe so?
    you know when a pink zombie bites an emo then he'll turn into a pink emo.
    if that makes sense :p

    EDIT: the hell i said i will be absent but now i'm still here. wtf :/
    yeah coool ne? *smirks*
    it fit's my sig so nicely ... :3
    i wish i had a better avi though

    you have 1500 posts wooot xDD

    BTW, i just thought of vm'ing you today, so how are you?:)
    i might not answer soon since i'll be kind of absent for the next weeks, so ....yeah
    LOL so everytime you look in a mirror you make that expression eh....xDD

    OMG, best CCV group picture xDDD
    lol BEST avi.

    EDIT: honestly i just came here to tell you that this is the BEST avi existing. lol Kata
    honestly... it's the BEST AVI EVAH!

    I'm not even joking!

    also you'll be the judge of those 9 clips... that's if you're not already asleep lol

    omg i really thought you didn't get what i meant.
    that must be pretty hard. :p
    i would hate it, but that's just me. i'm like... super lazy. lol

    at least you get to come here every now and then. =]
    hmmm... have i already asked you if you have fbook?

    also...i've posted a pic in LPictoras a while ago...:x

    well well. how's my friend from finland doing lately?
    what r you up to?
    other than studying for those exams, i mean? :)
    haha. did i send a fr to you? I DUN EVEN REMEMBER lol

    in just FOUR DAYS OMG roflmao :laugh::laugh: XDD
    you look pretty chill imo haha.

    but i think i told you bout dat earlier! :) :)
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