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  • SSFOCrist is having a group pic contest, enter a group pic to be voted on if you like or vote on your favorite once everyone is done submitting
    Improving my tech skill lately is pretty much all I have been doing.....School takes up my time :/
    Wow Asia!

    I've never really Done any offline touneys, but I have done a few online tourneys with not very much success :/
    Sorry I didn't have time to introduce myself

    I'm brickbox(people call me B[]x) I'm a humble brawled from az trying to revive the SSFOCHRIST group, I main falco and mostly play wifi :)
    Greetings, earthling, and yes the guide is coming along swimmingly with no hint of sarcasm!

    The plan is for everyone to progressively discuss the aspects of the guide until it builds and builds, into something worthy =D I want to do it this way because if everyone goes about doing individual things, people might get a bit *****y in disagreement if facts look subjective. You know what the zelda board posters are like! <3
    True, true. Nobody can deny the epicness of Hyrule tier. In fact, I'm certain it was made simply to troll the entire smash community, lol.

    But I'm sorry but I've got to leave to work now, so ttyl!
    TBH, it annoys me too when somebody doesn't answer me but posts in a social thread or something... but then I remember that I've occasionally done the same because I forgot I had a message to reply or couldn't find the words at the time and let it slip. But yeah, that's all part of the internet life.

    And what is it that makes low tiers so much more fun to use than high tiers?
    Well, if it's any consolation to you, Kata isn't by far the only one around here who forgets to answer his mails. I once waited about 4 months for another user to reply one of my PMs. It's just something that needs to get used to. Also, Kata just graduated recently, so he hasn't been around nearly as much lately.

    I play quite a lot of characters actually, but the ones I use the most are Ike, Zelda and Kirby. Ganondorf and Link are also two characters I like to play around with.
    As you can see, I tend to use lots of lower tier characters... don't really know why. What about you? What are your characters of choice?
    yuuuup. I will be getting to work on every character soon enough. Lucas is very good in teams <3333

    yay time to get to work on those doubles summaries for ZSS :laugh:
    gaaaaah why do I always forget to reply to you ;_; I feel crummy when I find out I forget.
    Yeah, he does that sometimes. Forgets to reply to his PMs/VMs, that is.

    To be honest, the guide isn't really progressing right now. We decided to see how far the draft that's already been done
    is before we get into making the new guide. However, KayLo! was supposed to send the draft to Kata but she hasn't yet, so we're stuck right now.

    Also, it seems you're already a member of the Zelda guide group too, so you should be able to see its contents now too. :)
    yep yep yep.

    Green and Orange

    Green > Orange of course but we all need a lil' diversity right?
    Actually i can't say I have =S. Alot of people have told me they are playing it and I am like the only one who hasn't. I gotta try it some day :laugh:
    omg D: i got alot of VMs and this one slipped off the first page. So sorry Janne x_x

    Anyways what have ya been up to?
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