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GameStation aka C4?!
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  • I'm sorry, was your bottom post directed at me? I didn't see it till right now. If so, then yes. That's what I have in mind at the moment.
    Hey C4, I saw your thread about you doing custom controllers for $8, $20, & $35 dollars! What will be included with the $8 & $20 designs? Also will you be @ APEX early friday? I know the controller would need time to dry so I'd want to do it before saturday
    just $8 bucks. Send the controller. whatever it cost, then give the difference in a paypal payment, make sure you get a small box for it so you can pay less. It's better than a single price box they have at the post office.
    Cool so $35 for the paint job :) I do live in NY btw, have a estimate of how much shipping will be? Maybe $12 for both ways?
    I'd really appreciate it :) I can pay $35 for the paint job + the shipping. If that's TOO low I can try to get some more $$$. Is that good?
    That's awesome! I would love it if you could do a paint job for me XD I wanted like Something with a brawl / olimar theme. Maybe some small pikmin all around the controller, my tag which is LK9T9 in the middle where the nintendo gamecube sign is at. And anything cool you can think of :D im not very imaginative :/. btw I don't have a job (just turned 16) and my controller looks like crap in general (all rubber ripped off), How much would you want to do it?
    duuuuuude your my hero for makin those amazing controllers and putting a Christain sig on them......they are so legit.
    Tried to take a picture, couldn't get what I meant to show up in the picture. Basically minor abrasions on one of the handles. But looking at it now.. They'd almost definitely disappear after paint has been applied. They're like.. less than a centimeter deep. Which I assume is negligible. But if you are using the same shell I send, then I'll probably just send the new one anyway.
    Yeah, but if you're going to be replacing the shell, then I'm more likely to send you a shell with a few slight dings in it as opposed to a brand new one. Which was my reason for asking.
    Looks hot to me. PM me your address so I can ship the controller out to you. Also, just curious if you would be replacing my shell with another (like the pit player's) or painting my shell it's self. Makes a difference in which one I send out. Either way it will be one of the white japanese ones.
    yo dude dont know if you remember me from Eli's house but we played that day when he was streaming and you wanted to 1v1 me before we finished. Just wondering if you'd like to meet up again and we could do more 1v1s instead of just doing 3 sets. My ai is Kwuarter
    Dude, am I able to get a ride back to NY with you on monday? Idk where in NYC you drop me off, I'll take the train back home like last time you dropped me off.
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