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  • cris bby u can still slide a little something special on my badge, right? "Commentator" maybe? <3
    Sorry for the late response! Got busy lately....^^"

    But yeah I wish Krauser wasn't dead either. He could have done much more for the series. I am so excited for the story and I cannot wait to see how they will combine everyone. It looks so insane.

    Did you play the game for the 3DS? They added a new side-story/characters that could make a return later on.
    Yeah, I was just naming the characters in order for preference haha. Not all are my favs. I love Leon and then Rebecca/Ada are tied. xD

    Krauser is so cool and I am glad they went into his character in Dark Chronicles. I am wondering how they are going to do the next installment because I read somewhere that it is going to have the puzzles of 0/1, but the gameplay of 4/5.
    So excited for RE6. Chris+Leon+Sherry+Ada all in one game + New characters including Wesker's son? Greatness.

    My favorites would be a toss-up between 0, 4, and 5. And for me, I have to seperate the categories because I love a lot of the characters.

    Leon, Chris, Wesker

    Rebecca, Ada, Claire/Jill, Sheva
    Definitely! Fav game out of the series? Anticipated for the RE6 game coming out (already pre-registered it haha) and Fav character to start this awesome convo out.
    What but thats your ammunition against everything that is wrong and evil.

    And wheres your kawaii pose?
    Literally called yourself.


    Rare pokemon LMFAO.

    I don't even know what to say to that.
    Hey chris when u can. Plz tect me my number is347-979-5622 i have a few questions I need to ask about zenith
    What do you mean again :3c I always was lol.

    I'm not still totally here though. Still studying and all that stuff.
    How about, I just set up Stepmania on my computer to be able to play on my dance pad.

    I am the best right now =3
    Haha, its cool.

    I just figured you needed time to sort **** out and stuff. Its not a biggie.

    I actually got a midterm next week and the week after that so I'll probably be busy in a few days anyway.

    I am goin to NY saturday to play thats about it.
    So yea.... I forgot to bring my controller to this camp thing.... If it comes down to it, do you mind if I borrow yours for apex?
    someone told me too ask you
    Heyyyyyyy :D

    I need a ride from
    nyc jfk international airport. Into New Brunswick, NJ
    Wednesday the 4th of jan. arrivei in nyc jfk international airportl at 11:00pm treminal 8
    Cmon someone help me out plzz

    I'm a smasher from the bahamas guys help me out id pay if i have too.. FaceBook "Frankell ShounenKel Knowles" or Skype "ShounenKel" get back to me Asap thanks

    Oh, Cris lately my friend showed me Words with Friends for my phone and totes been playing it with a buncha people.

    You should DL it so we can play too =3
    i'm not even sure who promised what size of pools whether it was john or dm or what since i haven't even started the calculations for pools yet and didn't plan to until signups were done on the 31st or 1st or whenever (so I know how many entrants there are).

    talk about putting your chickens in pools before they're hatched
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