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  • Time for a new main? How excited are you? Haha
    No way am I dropping Robin as a main at this point. He was my ideal FE rep who I thought had practically no chance of getting in.

    That said, I'm definitely going to play Roy when he gets released, whether its a dual-main, secondary, or just a screw-around character.
    I was kinda hoping for that dual sword Roy from that one character design of his. He looks pretty cool. I just hope he isn't complete ****.
    II just wanted to drop by and say I love your profile pic. Vyse is by and far my favorite unit in Valkyre chronicles. He's also one of the best Shocktroopers out there :)
    Haha, thanks. To be honest, I've never even played Valkyrie Chronicles. Vyse is originally from another Sega RPG called Skies of Arcadia, which is one of my favorite games.
    Yeah, I agree that Fox/Falco wouldn't be able to get jab -> DTilt'ed unless they did some massive DI upwards on the jab or something. Just as a note, any smart Falco wouldn't underestimate a good Ike like San; I don't think you can rely on the element of surprise to work for you all the time, especially if they've seen you do it before.

    But wow, Falco boards don't very detailed frame data at all for side+B... it only says that the first hitbox comes out on frame 21, but they don't say when you can actually grab the edge. Do the hitboxes trail behind Falco so they come out after he starts moving? I think that's the case, otherwise it would be very difficult to hit him out of side+B without clanking the majority of the time. Anyway, Kirk's thread says jab 1 has IASA frames at 17. Assuming that the hitbox doesn't trail behind Falco, you'll have at least 4 frames + however many frames of hitstun there is on Ike's jab, so I guess it's possible to get the edgehog in that case.

    But yeah, if they DI up you can just do a full jab combo and screw them over depending on their DI and %. If they try to DI the first jab away and side+B to the edge, I guess it depends on whether we can get an edgehog fast enough.
    No one seems to be talking about the Illusion thing, so I'm just going to post here instead.

    I just don't think that jabbing Fox or Falco out of their side+B is that effective because it looks like they can just side+B to the edge if they DI up and buffer another side+B. I know they fall pretty fast, but there's minimal hitstun in Brawl and everyone is really floaty anyway.

    But yeah, sorry for any misunderstandings; I didn't mean for this to get out of hand haha.
    Alright, hope things are turning out for the best.
    I know how it feels to be depressed and such. I'm still feeling that way, but eh... it's kinda variable.

    I'll be awaiting for the update. If you ever feel the need to speak to somebody (but really can't do it irl) just add me on MSN or AIM. Left my emails on your thread.
    Hey there, did you go around to check your thread?
    You should keep us up to date. Hope things are going well.
    Old zero>new zero. We shall decide with tvc zero dittos when I'm home.
    I have your avatar as a poster in my basement - I've had it since FFVIII came out. It's slowly tearing to pieces, but I stubbornly tape it up every time.

    Just FYI. I actually LIKED FFVIII.
    Sadly I am not that Vyse.
    I don't hack at all lol.

    I just felt like a change in avatar and I think we both had the same idea lolz.
    I was the Reallly really bad Red MK... I wore a black fitted hat [with my nametag on the Hat]... I played with you, with my friend Phoenix Lord [DDD]
    Hey Colaya, how exactly does one download textures from Stack Smash?

    Edit: Forget about I found out on my own. Anyways, what's up?
    hey do you do the whole clan thing?
    Aww... I just kinda realised your older than me. :p Maybe I could come find you off at college. I'm sure a match then wouldn't take too long. :p
    Do you Brawl on Wifi at all? Despite our opposing views, you seem like you'd master at mindgames. You'd probably be fun to fight too. I just hope that it doesn't lag at all, or it would suck. ;.;
    I'm kind of mad about how nobody else could see my custom Lucario avatar. For now I'll just stick true to Ike.
    I won't. Besides, what do you do is for you and only you to know. :D.

    Oh yeah I'm bad.
    You posted that image on the board for everybody to see, you're going to get somebody asking. XD
    It's working somewhat. Sometimes I have to reupload the photo just because for some reason it comes back, it's annoying but better than not having it at all IMO.
    Actually, assuming I don't have the custom Avi curse, I got the old Lucario back. :p
    Yeah I know, the maitenance yesterday must've screwed it up, but I'm at school right now I'll have to upload it again when I get to my home computer.
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