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  • Someone drew this for me. =)

    I would love to play, but I don't have internet right now. I have to use my cellphone to check Smashboards. =/
    Having thought about it, it's probably real. Don't expect it to be announced anytime soon, though.

    Also, you keep avoiding my question. WHAT IS YOUR NAME ON SHODDY, I WANT TO BATTLE YOU!
    I'm still not sure if it's real. The boxes have 'DS' on them, not 'DSi' so they won't be for the DSi so they won't be on a new/different system. Onyx/Amethyst is about right for the translation, but these are also popular fake names; I recall having seen some Onyxes and also a Amethyst or two, which ultimately proved to be fake.

    Then again it looks really official. (even complete with imo crappy starters/legendaries design. After the Rulers of Time and Space and the d@mn Everything we get the 'purple cut to pieces thingy' legendary and 'mr. floating legs'. Don't get me started on a slug Water-type starter, a grass thingy with a flower on its tongue or a flaming-eyebrows chick. Meh. Whatever.)
    I dunno, it definitely looks real with all this artwork...

    But then the game itself looks fake, the game's overworld is the same graphically.. And that legendary whatever's sprite is too big as others have pointed out. Like they also said, there would have to be a new system for a new gen of pokémon. Also, all overworld trainer graphics are unchanged, even FR/LG got that right.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm pretty sure it's fake.
    Nah, I'm jsut too lazy to 'befriend' all Poké Center regulars. Also, the only people I actually battle with are random people on Shoddy. (speaking of Shoddy, care to tell me your name there?)

    Also, I was asleep at the time the thread was made and subsequently closed. Care to inform me?

    PS: Yes, I enjoyed my vacation.
    Hey, what's your name on Shoddy, I would like to fight you. (Mine is Mothrayas)
    ill be doing the requests eventually, just goin through and fixing some stuff in life atm.

    i do all my work in photoshop with a mixture of illustrator and c4d.
    i just create what i see in my mind and try my best to replicate it on screen
    It's not really that important to me. The mod skin is pretty nice.

    Haha, same. I'm at work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    I guess it's because they think I'm a good poster, I really don't know.

    OK, so they may still work... on Chomp. That's one Uber in check. Now you have wasted a pokémon slot just for chomp and there's still Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Darkrai, Mewtwo, Deoxys-A to name a few.

    Also, you say your counters would have to be able to counter other things, but they can't. The Uber tier has a lot of pokés with base 150 (special) attack and it will hurt any OUs you use, even if they are as bulky as Suicune. Kyogre, Mewtwo, Palkia, Dialga and a lot more can easily switch in on Suicune and will KO it. Mamoswine has it similarly, except it can't already switch in on anything from Ubers without promptly being KOed a turn later. Ice Shard also probably doesn't do enough to OHKO Rayquaza.

    Suspect is a separate ladder on Shoddy where pokémon who are being tested if they are Uber (Garchomp, Manaphy, Skymin-S, Latios) are allowed to play in, to test if they're not too centralizing.

    And yes, those six sets are the only viable Garchomp sets. All Choice Sets use EQ/Outrage/Dragon Claw/Stone Edge. (in Ubers at least)
    It was fun playing with you yesterday bro. Your getting a lot better no lie. You might think im just saying that but i really am being serious. Anyawys it was a ton of fun, we gotta smash again sometime.

    P.S. you kicked my butt at pokemon Im not even close to ready to fight someone like you yet :)
    Okay, so they are used, but the most common one (Mamswine) being 50th and with use percentages of less than 1% you can call that neglible.

    And while they counter Uber-Chomp, they aren't used because you don't need ice types as much to beat dragons because there is a crapload of Dragons to counter other dragons with, and if you need Ice Beam there's Kyogre. Plus, they generally can't take a lot from all the Uber sweepers.

    And while you're right that the Choice Bander is harder to counter, Scarfchomp with 499 speed is harder to revenge kill because even without any boost not much enjoys a Garchomp Outrage.

    And for your last comment, Ubers isn't really a tier but more 'whatever is too good for OU'. Take Ho-oh for example; it does rather poorly in Ubers, but is way too good for OU. There is no borderline between Ubers and OU.
    Also, Scizor is not too broken (to me it beats one poké at most), Manaphy's free status healing works pretty well with Rest and its bulkiness (especially for OU standards) so it can Tail Glow up and instantly regain health when necessary and then Surf stuff to hell. Latias is already OU and Latios is currently Suspect (although I think it should stay Uber). Skymin, I don't know where it belongs; the votes were really close (51% Uber) so it will (or is) probably be retested.
    Except you don't use those pokés in Ubers. Pretty much all non-Ubers in Ubers are Metagross, Skarmory, Forretress and Blissey, for physical attacking, physical Dragon resistance, Spiking/SR/Rapid Spin and walling in the mostly Special metagame respectively.

    Also, the only 'good' Garchomp in Ubers is Jolly Scarfchomp.
    OK, let's use standard Yachechomp:

    Garchomp @ Yache Berry
    Adamant/Sand Veil
    Swords Dance
    Fire Blast


    +2 Outrage on 252/252+ Glaceon: 86.53% - 102.40%
    0 EVs Ice Beam on 4/0 Garchomp: with Yache: 75.42% - 88.83%

    You get either OHKOed after one Swords Dance, or survive and fail to KO. You need modest to have more than 41% chance to kill, but then Chomp has 66% chance to kill.


    +2 Outrage on 252/252+Donphan: 71.09% - 83.85 %
    0 EVs Ice Shard on 4/0 Garchomp with Yache: 20.11% - 24.02%
    0 EVs Ice Shard on 4/0 Garchomp w/o Yache: 40.22% - 48.04%

    Donphan can only 3HKO and gets 2HKOed by +2 Outrage or OHKOed by +4 Outrage.


    +2 Outrage on 252/252+ Mamoswine: 84.20% - 99.29%
    0 EVs Ice Shard on 4/0 Garchomp with Yache: 32.40% - 38.55%
    0 EVs Ice Shard on 4/0 Garchomp w/o Yache: 64.80% - 77.09%

    You get 74% chance of 2HKOing. If Garchomp has a Life Orb you're screwed. Will work if you put Avalanche and Ice Shard on the set.


    +2 Outrage on 252/252+ Lapras: 76.94% - 90.73%
    0 EVs Ice Shard on 4/0 Garchomp with Yache: 22.35% -26.82%
    0 EVs Ice Shard on 4/0 Garchomp w/o Yache: 44.69% - 53.63%
    0 EVs Ice Beam on 4/0 Garchomp with Yache: 51.96% - 62.01%

    The only way to possibly manage to do it is a mixed set with both Ice Beam and Ice Shard, but such sets suck and you only have 73% chance of working.


    +2 Outrage on 252/252+ Cloyster: 66.45% - 78.29%
    0 EVs Ice Shard on 4/0 Garchomp with Yache: 24.02% - 29.05%
    0 EVs Ice Shard on 4/0 Garchomp w/o Yache: 48.04% - 58.10%

    Will work with Icicle Spear or something and then Ice Shard.


    +2 Outrage on 252/252+ Suicune: 69.80% - 82.43%
    0 EVs Ice Beam on 4/0 Garchomp with Yache: 60.34% - 70.95%

    You get 2HKOed by boosted Outrage without you being able to defeat him.

    Of those the only guaranteed working are Mamoswine and Cloyster, but both fall to mixed sets and need multiple moves greatly reducing type coverage. Also, with Stealth Rock support they won't work.

    Conclusion: Garchomp is counterable, but you'll waste a team slot for a dedicated counter, and even then it could not work due to different sets, or entry hazards.
    'Defenses' to switch in on Garchomp and Ice Shard/any other Ice move?
    Nah man, the latest matches werent due to luck they were in part due to lag no johns and part because i suck at brawl lol.

    I understand i mena everyone has alot of stuff going on now-a-days so just text me whenever you feel like playing with me or anything.

    Tourneys arent thta much money they are liike 15 bucks per tourney like once a month. But we can talk about it about it if we hang out.
    But you beat me there at the end with almost every character i played as and even snake on your Counter pick stages like halberd and nofair....i mean norfair :-p jk jk. But yeah just give me a call or text me tomorrow if you wanna play again and on thursday if you wanna come over and play some smash it would be cool.

    P.S. you should go to a tourney one time with me they are really fun.
    Hey man good games. Sorry i was sucking so horribly today and for some reason the lag was like HORRIBLE but im not gonna johns about it, you did well. The whole powershielding thing kept throwing me off i would try to powershield the aurashpere but i just kept getting hit by it and i would air dodge right into a f smash almost everytime coming back onto the stage b/c the lag made me do it a little late but its whatever. You got better as we played and there at the end got me good.

    Im playing brawl on thursday with a couple friends if you wanna stop by or something just give me a call id be fun to play.
    Alright man im back and ready to play.

    Counter picking is cool with me i need to work on that too though snakes best stage is BF so i mean ill do w/e its cool.

    Nah dont worry about me suiciding i was trying to ledge hog but it was lagging so i died :( and yeah smae here those snake vs lucario matches got really laggy thats prob. the reason you werent doin as hot.
    Hey man sorry i had to get off after like only 3 matches but ill be back on in a big Im about to go sell my sega dreamcast so ill be abck around 5:15 if you still wanna play.
    True, Gallade gets outprioritized and OHKOed by a +2 Sucker Punch... I was thinking about how he could Swords Dance stall out of Sucker Punch, if it wasn't that +2 Psycho Cut has a good shot at OHKOing too.

    Unless you demand otherwise, we'll let Kangaskhan be the counter and just forget this.
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