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  • Which college are you attending and for what?

    I attended Sheridan for 'Marketing' and it was a 3 year program.
    Thanks for the kind words, I have a 2nd interview with them tomorrow morning. ^^

    You're in college, right?
    I have an interview downtown tomorrow and I'm nervous. :x

    Don't think I'll be able to sleep much tonight cause I'll be thinking about it all night. :urg:

    oh god
    your sig.
    You would find it hard to make a fool of yourself in there hahaha.

    You should give it a shot!
    Hi there, I see you have premium but don't go to the disco room.

    I'm trying to see why people with premie don't post/go there.

    Just thought if I get other peoples opinions on it we could make improvements and whatnot.
    Yeah that was some time ago. Came back with the new Smash being announced. How've you been?
    I've got a ton of HW tonight but message me any time and I'll be ready to do our matches. We have until Sunday btw, but I'm going to be busy probably for most of the weekend.
    Sorry I'm late there were some complications :3 I'll be in the Smogon server now, message me when you're ready.
    I don't know what timezone you're in, but I won't be ready until 8 pm central (pm eastern if that's what you are). Sorry, but I have to make dinner for my grandma lol.
    Hey when do you want to do our Uber's Cup match? Round 3 hasn't started yet but I figured we should get it scheduled as soon as we can. I'm free pretty much any day after 6:30 PM Central.
    Honestly, I think the tutoring thing needs a re-vamp.

    The tutoring is really there to introduce absolute noobies. And TBH...I've already been tutored by Riddle on team-making and during 4th gen I had the number one guy with me. We'd hit it up on Skype and pilot each others games. I would place myself as an intermediate player. Im just doing this tutoring thing in the hopes that one of you is a god and it boosts my game up to toppish of the leaderboards. I wouldn't stop tutoring if I were you. All you need is basic knowledge to introduce complete noobs into the competitive pokemon.

    Basically, the only reason I was doing this tutoring thing was in the hopes of getting someone like Umbreon(the best of situations) or Ultimario or Gates to tutor me. They seem to be very good. Im not so sure about ultimario though.
    Okay. So our timing isn't very good for this tutoring thing. So lets make a deal.

    If we ever do connect on PO and get this thing rolling. We will just say you tutored me. If we don't. We will just say you tutored me. :p

    Honestly, it is my fault. I have no time during the week and on the weekends I get on from anywhere within the range of 6-11. And even thats rare.

    I thank you for having the intention of apprenticing me though lol.
    I'm sorry, when you said you'd be on at 8 I didn't think you could do it now so I was away from my comp.

    8pm tonight it is then
    I'll be home tonight at like 8pm or something. I'll also be available to play for a short while at like 5:30. If not tomorrow, then all day Friday.
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