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  • Eh you might not want to use 4 gate as your solid build; it's not a good learning build as it really only relies on micro and doesn't help you macro which is more important. I'd say go for 2 gate robo or 3 gate expand.

    Terran the 1 barracks 1 factory 1 starport build is good, lots and lots of options.

    Zerg you can do 15 hatch 14 pool that's pretty standard I think, I don't really know the zerg metagame that well.

    :( I've only got one I think.

    How'd you mess up your back man? Doesn't sound fun.
    Yeah you should. I suggest trying out each race for a little bit before you decide.

    Haha there's a lot. Basically work on your macro and try to work on one solid build order that works in every matchup and use that to get comfortable with your race and mechanics and stuff. Make lots of workers! Try to keep your money low at all times, that means you're spending well.
    Haha flying bases is pretty helpful.

    Yeah I've dabbled in Zerg a bit in team matches, it's pretty fun.

    Ah Husky, yeah that's how I got into SC2 also. He's a good caster for entertainment but if you're looking to improve and stuff Day 9 is your guy. He does these dailies where he dissects matches and stuff to help people get better, it's pretty awesome. And he's really good at casting tournaments.
    Haha PP too good.

    SC2's awesome. I play Terran. Protoss is more OP than Terran, it's pretty dumb. Which casters do you watch? Day 9? Yeah let me know if you get it man I can help you out hopefully or we can just play.

    Lupe's new album is Lasers. He was actually on Colbert Report yesterday what a coincidence haha

    I've been around but not too much lately.

    Lupe's got a new album out, have you checked out it yet?

    Oh really? Good stuff. He seems super chill, and he's a super baller Falco.

    Yeah I quit Brawl haha. I sold my Wii a while back, I've been playing Starcraft II a lot lately.
    I think it's good to be passive in neutral about 70% of the time, because Marth's ability to cover options, and react and punish is very good. Obviously, this doesn't apply to bad characters who cannot deal with pressure, or punish the attempt of a Fair.

    However, once Marth lands a hit, his ability to follow up and make aggressive reads is very good. Marth's ability to create long strings of reads and traps, to deal lots of damage once obtaining positional advantage is very good, and should be exploited.

    Against D3, walk, do not fast fall, use Nair to zone, and learn to powershield Ftilt on reaction, since it gives you free Dancing Blade punishes. Also learn how to exploit D3's recovery. Once he has no jumps left, he must use his UpB, which does not sweetspot the edge, and allows you to hit D3 off the stage over and over. Also acknowledge that footstooling D3 is often a better option than landing near him if it can't be avoided otherwise.

    Rob's spot dodge doesn't reliably beat Dancing Blade, so learn to increase the pacing to defeat spotdodges. Otherwise, vs. ROB is just a match of slow conditioning. If the ROB favors Ftilt, use Dashing shield to punish. If the Rob favors grab, approach with other options (DB, Fair). Zone him with Nair, as it stabs his shield easily, kills well, and sends him fair offstage. In this MU, you mainly want to just get ROB off the stage, and then ledgetrap or juggle, just like every other character. Don't fish the kill, there are plenty of opportunities to

    If any character's dodges are beating you, that just means you need to be more patient. ROB has a standard spot dodge, but Falco, Pikachu, Yoshi, Link, and Toon Link all have broken spotdodges that only have 2 frames of vulnerability at the end (and one frame in the beginning). I don't really try to punish these, as even Dancing Blade has a large chance of failing to hit such a small window.

    Other than that, you simply have to acknowledge that you need to anticipate dodges as an option, and punish accordingly. It's one of the main reasons that "pressuring your opponents within his tipper zone" is not really the unbreakable strategy that it looks like on paper. Dodges are pretty effective vs. Marth. Spotdodges beat most of his offensive options (not Dancing Blade) and roll beats Dancing Blade, so it's unsafe to play without anticipating the use of dodges, but patience will almost always defeat a dodge.
    Im sorry that I tend to be an *** and please forgive me and you wont be seeing me on Fsmash anymore. Please read what I wrote to Ben to see anything.
    Comfort with you character comes with practice. If you play a lot, you will become comfortable with your character. If you practice, you will become accurate and precise.
    All the people I have "apprenticed" as you have put it, I trained in person. I can help you get better, but I can't really do as much as someone who can analyze you while you play can.

    Edgeplay for a novice:
    Stay on the stage. Stay out of get up attack range. Stay out of the range where you cannot react to a ledge hopped aerial (including edgehopped Mach Tornado). The opponent's options from the ledge are slow, limited, and predictable, so if you space correctly, then you don't get caught off-guard. From there, nearly everything is punishable until you make a mistake, or go for a read and it's bad.
    I've trained a lot of people from scratch, so I guess I'm getting kinda good at it. Even though I usually train people in person, I realize what basics they need to learn first. If you understand simply concepts like, "Aerials are good because we can move as we attack to remain safe" and "DI is important to make us not travel in a straight line to the death line, and we can recover easier" then you're ready to learn to play IMO.

    I've found that teaching people why controlling space is important, and how to do it, is an excellent starting point. Very basic concept, very hard to do, and you will continue to improve it and learn more about it from start to finish of your Smash Career.

    I'll write a guide in Tactical about the basics of controlling space, since I haven't before.
    Well, I'm glad to hear that you've realized what it takes to rise in the ranks, but realize it's a LONG path to the top. Don't hesitate to ask me (or Kadaj, since he's near you) for help along the way.

    Also, learn that the game is about controlling space. If you control space well, you will not get hit, and you will hit your opponent frequently.
    I didn't mean to ignore you. I've just been very annoyed with Smashboards lately, so I didn't get back to you as soon as possible.

    Message me again tomorrow, sometime around 4pm EST
    Oh what's up man, it was nice meeting you this weekend. Hopefully you will be able to come to more things dude.
    Actually I think "kazoo" was thegreatkazoo, but I don't know him at all.

    I think Yogi is on SWF pretty often, he just doesn't post much. If you PM him he should see it.
    Dr Yogi is really cool... I think they play pretty often at UNCG. But yeah he isn't on SWF that much.

    I think "Kazoo" is actually KoozyKRIS... I kind of know him, but not really. He doesn't come to Duke tourneys.

    I thought there were some people that lived right by you, but then I realized that Mooresville and Morrisville are different places lol.
    Yeah, it's only $5. Not including food.

    The hotel front desk is on the left side as soon as you walk in, and they will tell you where the room is. It's not hard to find, though, just walk down the hallway to the right and it's on the right side.

    And sure, I'll PM you my number. Just no prank calls lol.
    Yeah it's a hotel, it's pretty fancy too. It's funny to see a bunch of poorly dressed young people running around. We're paying to be there, so they don't really care.

    I don't know how many people will go... The room is the same as last time, and it wasn't that big. Plus now it looks like M2K might not be able to get a ride... I'd guess 50 people, but who knows.

    Hopefully it isn't too crowded.
    If you have a GPS how would you get lost... Just remember the name of the hotel (Wingate) and what it looks like. And study the map before hand.
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    Door fee is $5, and entering singles is $10.

    Personally, I haven't decided if I'm going to enter singles yet. I'm not winning at smaller tournaments (I placed 5th at the last two), so a tournament like G6 is obviously out of my league. But it's still a lot of fun to go and play friendlies.
    Sorry, I am bad at checking these visitor messages.

    You can play friendlies whenever you want, basically, as long as there is an open setup. When the tournament bracket is ready, there will be a lot of people trying to play, so you might have to get off then, but you can usually get back on pretty quick. You just have to be willing to alternate with other people or play 2v2s.

    BTW looks like I'm probably not going to the tourney this weekend, but I will definitely go to G6 next weekend.

    It sounds like M2K is confirmed, and a bunch of pro Melee players are going too (including Husband and Wife).
    Well, I could introduce you to people.

    Game Reapers (3/12) is ~50 minutes away. G6 (3/19) is ~40 minutes away. Both of them are over 2 hours from me, so no excuses.

    Game Reapers is probably smaller. Duke biweeklies are even smaller, usually.

    If you only come to one, you should come to G6, because it's just better. The last G6 had Reflex and Big Lou from Georgia, plus all of the other top regional Brawl (and Melee) players.

    Friendlies: If there's an open setup, just ask someone if they want to play. Or if people are already on the setup, ask if you can play the winner. Usually there aren't enough setups so you will have to rotate (with 3 or 4 people) or play teams (which is fun, not serious, so it doesn't matter too much how good you are).

    Tournaments... are pretty much like you would expect. The people running the tournament usually have a laptop with the bracket on it.

    Did you give up Marth? I hope not...
    There's no reason to be afraid of big tournaments just because they're big. They usually have a bunch of noobs too (including some first-timers). If you want, you can go and just play friendlies without entering the bracket (that's what I did at the last G6).

    Or you can come to the next Duke (not sure when, probably in 3 or 4 weeks). Last time there was only about 15 people.
    animefreak.tv has everything yo.

    I haven't been watching much anime/manga recently, busy with irl
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