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  • If you can get on the /tr/ server, I'll be there shortly.

    Nonono, I went to see if I need surgery, not have surgery, aahaha.
    But yeah I was referred to a surgeon so I basically do. :c
    I essentially tore out a good portion of my skin on my right elbow. It's healed dramatically since I first attained the wound over a month and a half ago, but for the past two weeks it has slowed to a bare minimum. That said, antibiotics are not helping much either, so the doctors assume there's an infection that's resistant to the antibiotics. That's why I would need surgery.
    Alright. I have a Doctor meeting to check out if I need surgery for my arm and other stuff, so hopefully I can make it. I'll let you know otherwise.
    Sorry I forgot to add it into the rules (doing that now) but can you post in the Power Ranking thread confirming the score? Thanks. :)
    Power matches are always set to be Gen. V, haha. Best two out of three sound good?

    I guess I have no preferences, but no pre-existing Ubers from Gen. IV and any Legendary Pokemon (Zekrom, Reshiram, etc.) from Gen. V. I'll be waiting on /tr/.
    Yeah. I'm not maxing the weapons, need to beat other games. Sadly I bought a lot of meh games in the summer (Dark Cloud, Crystal Chronicles, Drakengard) and I've got to finish them. Sadly out of them and Baten Kaitos, only Dark cloud is 100% >_<
    So I maxed out everyone's Gourds but Xaio (You end up missing 3) and everyone's hp except Goro/Xaio (I'm missing 3 on Xaio, 2 Goro) I did research an finally learned you come short 5 apples and 3 Gourds in American early realeases. (In JP + Euro version you can max out?)

    I looked for hours...for hours... T_T for those last items.

    Now to beat the game, get C2 Sword, and max out weapons. Almost there...
    Star Breaker is rapid fire and has 150ish attack where as Supernova is 256. I like the first because DoT is amazing on Dark Cloud xD.

    Xaio really does suck XD
    So for osmand, what's better? Rapid fire or big shots? I think big shots because it has over 200 more damage....but yeah.
    It is. Pretty much it's for me not having the most "ideal" form of solving the problem as possible.

    Even though if I went to Forum Support over it (like Xiivi said I should have) the thread would've never gotten un-trashed.
    We want to keep our series short and simple. If we try anything too deep, it simply eats up too much time and we can't really afford that. The main idea with the series is to let the Staff know there is a group of roleplayers who could really use a subforum, and they're serious about it.
    Gl, and having every item isn't 100% to me.

    100% is:

    Fill out Beastiary, and the Sky Pirates Den
    All ultimate weapons
    3 sets of grand armor / 3 sets of next best
    Everything hunted
    Lisence boards caped out
    All Summons

    ~ I did that T_T God I miss my file... Been playing Other M though. I don't care what people say, it's not a bad game at all. I'll admit, it's 2nd to worst (Fusion was worst imo, too short), but it's still an 8.5. Team Ninja did a good first job, they just need to expand from it...but meh, everyone expected Prime.
    I need a couple tweaking but I will be able to go. We could go to an obscure server. You name one so I can finish setting up my crappy-a$$ team.
    Oh...okay. :( I didn't want it to happen like this, but okay... :(

    I really do hope we get to play in a later tournament.
    Regards to FMA:

    True that the first tv series deviated from the manga. But they just finished FMA Brotherhood which follows the manga to a T. Just letting you know, if you didn't already. :)
    Wrath, we need to post our free times in the Crew Battle thread, just a reminder.

    Things are getting suspenseful!
    So, is our Crew Battle with Something Ridiculous postponed till next week to allow for all members to be present? Just clarifying for myself.
    Ah kk. I really don't like him. His power is amazing.. I mean he gets a 350 damage weapon, but... god his lack of combos/speed really make it hard.
    So how can I ever get a hammer for Goro? I'm stuck because I have to use him, but bis basic hammer blows, even leveled up. I need a Hammer...
    I'll get that Chronicle Sword, bwahahha (the 2nd one). I really love the concept of synthspheres and stuff in this game.

    And yeah, Rampardos was kinda a T-rex though.
    People ask for a T-rex pokemon, I say...TTar?

    Anyways, I see how the ultimate blades are better then. Out of curiosity, which sword is the best?
    Wait, how do I remove abilities? And also, I love your Ttar pic. He is my favorite pokemon (if you can't tell) Also one of my best bred... (Jolly 31/31/27/X/24/31)

    Anmyways, I've been doing some research and I think Heaven's Cloud > 7th Heaven > Chronicle Swords for ult. weapon. What I can't figure out is, why have the ultimate weapon. Technicially you can max EVERYTHING out on the Dagger, so isn't it just as good? Or do they have hidden caps or something?
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