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RuNNing Riot
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  • No need for your sarcasm. :glare:

    I finally got the 10 nukes required for the spinning nuke emblem yesterday. :awesome:

    lol Reach, I was never a fan of that game's MP. The maps suck and the armor abilities are for scrubs IMO. Halo 3 da best. I'm getting Halo 4. :)
    For your information, I haven't played MW3 for the past 3 weeks cause the game's online MP sucks. :p

    I've actually gone back to MW2. (8/10 nukes atm for the spinning emblem!)

    I'm also playing Mass Effect on my 360, great game. I also bought a PS3, you have one, right? And which Halo? 3 or...*shudders* Reach?

    How have you never seen Monty Python?



    Go watch Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail right now.

    That's your homework for the day.


    It's Monty Python.

    I feel as if you have disgraced your comedic heritage.



    Also, all over the place. You just gotta look.

    Google is a good start.
    It is, it makes clicking on stuff more difficult now. :mad:

    Only staff can embed stuff, sorry. (i.e. YT videos.)
    Yes sir, I used my l33t OMA, DC, pro pipes with claymores camping class to get both of them. :cool:

    And I made you the new OP of the DOA5 thread.
    You should really get online more. D:
    *lighthouse, and call of the dead is bad.
    Whatever, I never said that Call of Duty was supposed to be realistic.

    You're getting MW3, correct?
    The only problem I have with the knife in call of duty games is how you can lunge through bullets and kill the person.
    Sure, let me know when you're free to play. There is also a 'coaching' feature in TF2 if that interests you as well.
    Yes, I paid $20 for "The Orange Box" back in 2009. At least the people who paid for the game are "premium" members and get benefits.
    Surprised you just got it. It's the easier pro version pro to get IMO. (Aside from getting your random teammates to take your care packages)

    Feels good when you change ammo to dogs/CG or a gunship. :awesome:
    LMFAO! Oh, MAN have I missed you! :D

    Send me a friend request again; My GT was hacked a month ago, and I JUST got it back. *** hat decided to delete my friends.

    What did you think of MGS4? I loved MGS3. Probably my favorite; very excited to see it coming to the Xbox.
    Hey, read the Halo series thread on how to get the blue flaming helmet thing for Halo: Reach.
    Sorry for the late response, been kinda busy lately. (Had grad yesterday and I was exhausted when I got home.)

    Anyways, I think you should reintroduce yourself, sure, everyone has completely forgotten about you, but not me. D:

    I do enjoy playing zombies, I'm alright at it. My highest is wave 22 on Kino...(Dunno if that's good or bad.)

    Yeah, I don't have any of Blop's map packs due to the high prices.

    And invite me one day to play Blop's MP with you, my K/D ratio is currently 2.82 and my W/L ratio is like 4.18 (I only play with friends.) ;)

    MW3 will ****, I'm gonna get it at midnight cause I'm a nerd xD
    Hey! I only said that because I never see you post anymore and we never play Black Ops together on XBL anymore. :(

    Hang in there dude, I finished school back in mid-April and now I'm applying to entry level positions in my field of study. (Marketing)

    I'm done school forever now. :awesome:

    No, why'd you get a PS3? Stay with the 360!!! :c

    PS: Post in the MW3 thread in the Light House! I miss you. ;)
    I still don't have Black Ops and I have no plans to purchase it in the future. I'll just wait till MW3/the CoD4 prequel which is coming out in November of this year.

    How is AC: Brotherhood? Never played an AC game before. How is the MP btw?
    I also tried the Playstation Move today at Gamestop. It feels and plays no better than the Wiimote in my opinion.
    Hey man, you getting the Vietnam expansion for BF:BC2?

    I still need to update the game and download map pack 7.
    Okay, thanks I'll take a look around the next time I play 360.

    And I already knew that Kinect was bad, the only game I'd buy/play would be Dance Central. (Obviously in the comfort and privacy of my house :p)
    Hey, just wondering how you got the fire background for your avatar gamerpic on the 360.
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