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  • Heya mate. I wanted to ask you something: What do you consider to be tryharding? I've recently been doing some great stomping in BO2 Hardcore TDM, and I got called out on it today with two hate mails. I initially laughed at them, but now I'm feeling confused by it. I feel like I'm playing a lot better and smarter, but at what point is it considered tryharding? If I am tryharding, how do I (if I should) dial it back?
    Depends on how much good footage you got. I don't actually have any of it, but I know not all of them were top notch rage quits. It might be worth waiting for another session.
    You'll prolly see a lot of people using the Type 95/ACR on that map. At least they won't be able to camp in the plane as effective since scav doesn't replenish claymores anymore. Capping 'C' should also be easier due to the noob tubes in MW3 being weaker.

    (I wonder if the spawn trap by 'A' still works?)
    Yeah...all I know is that I'm not going for any of that extra stuff...because my sanity is at stake. All I wanna do is complete the game so I can say: "I beat Super Meat Boy!" as opposed to: "I 100%'d Super Meat Boy!", you know?

    And thanks for the heads up...I'm currently at World 5 - Rapture and those weird light thingies which **** up your movement/jumps are pretty annoying...not gonna lie...:mad:
    That depends...since more than 50% of the time, someone on the other team who is going horribly negative or is a 10th prestige try hard shoots down all my air support. (I bet they run stingers as their secondaries on every custom class...)

    And they should rename "Super Meat Boy" to "Super Break My Balls Boy" IMO. I have the game on my computer and I'm currently on the 4th world - Hell. :mad:
    Good to know, I might try that perk one of these days.

    I'm sure you guys will find one glaring problem with the MP shortly after release, as usual. :smirk:
    Should I just use Stalker Pro then?

    And what is your opinion on Black Ops 2 so far?
    I just found out that Assassin Pro counters Marksman Pro...WHY.JPG (More like WHY THE **** DOES ASSASSIN PRO COUNTER 9,001 THINGS IN THE GAME?!?!?!?!?!?)

    I use it with a silencer and extendos like fearcrads taught me to do. :awesome:

    The ACR is clearly the best AR in the game. The type 95 is pretty mad gay IMO.
    MW3 needs moar gun variety. All everyone uses is the ACR and the MP7. =/
    I've lost track on how many times I've died at 24 kills in MW2 over the past few months...(I died at 24 kills on Sunday, Dom on Afghan to a random semtex at C...) :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I SUCK! :urg:
    Haha sorry, I keep on forgetting about that, my bad. :p

    Why are people so bad at MW3? And I was near the top of the lobby when I played on Thursday and Friday. I faced a clan and they were all bad. :awesome:
    I disagree but that's just me. I can tolerate MW2 for longer play sessions nowadays and Black Ops is pretty good. (I'll never accept getting blop shotted or wanted pro'd but whatever...) Haven't played MW3's MP since January. :awesome:
    My god, it's so easy to get nukes in MW2. I got my 18th one yesterday, Dom on Afghan. Got it when we were winning w/194 points. :p

    I love MW2. <3333333
    Nukes are easy to get in MW2. I got 2 today for a grand total of 12. :awesome:
    I now have 10 nukes for the spinning nuke emblem.

    I've lost track on how many times I've been buzzkilled at 23/24 kills from commando/bad teammates.
    Yesterday, I got another nuke (my 4th one!) in MW2. I also picked up this guy's famas w/ thermal and got a triple kill collateral with it. :awesome:
    Haha yeah, not this time. The other team got nuked THREE (First by me, then my friend, then a random in the lobby) times in a row. :p

    Then they brought out the OMA DC noob tubes. :glare:
    Assassin needs a buff and fast. Too bad Treyarch ****ed up all the CoD games with Black Ops and ghost being in the 2nd tier perk slot. =/
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